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March 22, 2017
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August 28, 2014


Interviews at times may be really taxing on a few individuals. Even the best of the best fumble at times when it comes to interviews. Various reasons like peer pressure, pressure to clear the interview, thought of future endeavours being at stake and many such queries run around the minds of people. Interviews are a key part in a student journey and could teach you a lot if taken positively. Not all interviews that you give will have positive results only, it may be vice a versa too. Understanding how to tackle the interviewer is very important. Questions can be asked both situational or curriculum based and even logic at times. Ready mindedness is something that is expected by the candidate at all times, from entering the place of interview to the cabin where the interview will be held and to your way out. It’s imperative for candidates to prepare well and here are a few tips to start of your career.

Be well groomed:

One of the key aspects which many people forget today before interviews is being well groomed. The fashion trend is definitely to grow beards but ensuring its well maintained and well groomed is important. Same with male students if you are planning to grow your hair ensures it tied appropriately and combed. With girls if you have oily or messy hair ensure you give it a good comb so that it does not look fashionable but professional. Do not apply strong perfumes or deodorants, wear something subtle but not before entering the room

Dress right:

Another key area which goes into focus with being well groomed is the need to be in proper attire. Wearing business formals is very important with the shirt tucked in and pants well worn i.e not too low not too high. Girls need to fear proper formals too with skirts not to short and clothes not too revealing, not too much of makeup should be worn.

Prepare well:

Being well prepared with your past educational learning’s is also a key area to be focussed on as there might be questions on those grounds as well. Revisiting the past education notes and learning’s would help you cope with these questions.

Read the latest happenings:

Being updated with the latest news and education trends is very important. This will give you key insights on areas where you can find more opportunities the current happening and any new rules and norms that countries have come up with

Give mock interviews:

It’s good to be confident but at the same time important to understand and be open to feedback as to what improvements one needs to make to improve one self. Giving mock interviews is definitely helpful as its shows you an angle in which you as a student would not think of. Mock interviews by your mentors at college or your professors could ease you and gauge parameters on which you need to work.

Wnat to nail it?

Keep looking for more information; do not let the thirst for knowledge reduce. Keep reading about various topics and be well informed.

Think before giving the answer even if you know it:

In the heat of the moment you would want to be prompt and give all the answers instantly but think before you give it, some questions could be tricky and those questions could be used to grill you further

Keep all of this in mind and things should be smooth for you, never feel or be nervous as that can be shown by mere facial expressions. Be well hydrated and keep yourself calm and composed remember patience is the key to virtue.

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