Father– your first superhero

As you have all geared up to celebrate Father’s Day, which is just around the corner, let us share what every father secretly wishes. His secret wish is to see you grow into a responsible, self-reliant, and independent individual. He has always done his best to offer you the best by putting your needs and wants before his own. Your superhero is so busy securing your present and future that his retirement plans always took a back seat.

So, on this special occasion, let the gift get bigger. What could be a better gift for him than you becoming self-reliant? So take the first step towards your independence by embarking on an academic journey by enrolling in your dream college and funding your studies by applying for an education loan.

So how will a student loan help you celebrate Father’s Day?
Be Atmanirbhar

Society is gradually evolving and many stereotypical roles between genders are gradually disintegrating and yet “Fathers” are predominantly looked at as the breadwinners. They are undoubtedly a great pillar of strength, navigating you through the adversities, motivating you to think out-of-the-box, and driving you to aspire without boundaries. They are truly the unsung heroes! So, taking charge of your academic journey and paying off your study loan can bring great relief to him.

Give him a reason to smile

Be it the first baby steps that you took as a toddler or the first time you fell off the bicycle as he taught you bicycle-riding, he always came to your rescue. As you grew up, he took on a new role to discipline you and pushed you to go that extra mile to become independent and stand on your own feet. But no matter how stern he may have appeared, your education, your needs, your expenses, and your life always came first for him while his well-being was always secondary.

So, now you have the perfect opportunity to give him back the happiness by taking your responsibility and finally giving him the chance to plan for his life ahead. Now let’s understand why a student loan is the best option for this? An education loan comes with a grace period, which is like a holiday period between getting the loan and paying the first EMI. Such loan repayment is either deferred while you are studying in a college or you may have to pay small amounts initially before the start date of your EMI. They are designed to cover the holistic cost of your education which usually includes your tuition fees, books, and supplies, living expenses to name a few.

Save for the rainy day

Your parent’s hard-earned money can be saved for future contingencies like medical emergencies in the family or natural disasters, etc. So taking a student loan is the smartest move without having to liquidate the assets or savings, pledge the gold, break investments, or borrow from friends and family.

While you are growing up; your parents are growing old and in their old age, savings can help them in many ways. If you are self-reliant, they can plan for their early retirement, pick up a hobby that they have been wanting for a long time but financial responsibilities kept them from doing so. Most importantly, savings will help them invest their time and money in preventive healthcare like regular health check-ups, maintaining physical and mental well-being, and more. This way you can gift them a comfortable and financially secure retirement.

Role Reversal

You are at the cusp of experiencing a major shift in life. Your parents have worked hard to give you a comfortable life and now it is your turn to earn it yourself. To acquire credit cards, a dream car, the dream home you will need a healthy credit score. Taking the loan at an early age and responsibly repaying it will positively impact your credit score. A higher credit score means swift processing of credit cards, lower rates of interest on loans, discounts on loan charges for loan applications, and more such benefits. And your parents will be proud of you as you begin to take charge of your life.

You are the captain of your ship so steer that helm towards success and #MakeHimProud by taking a leap to fulfill your dreams. We at Avanse will help transform your dreams into reality by covering the holistic cost of your education, right from your living costs, equipment expenses to tuition fees, and many more. So, let this be his best Father’s Day gift ever. Also, this is the best gift for all the single mothers who successfully play the role of both the father and a mother. Wishing you and your superhero a very Happy Father’s Day!

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