Higher education in Singapore offers not only world-class courses but also a chance to experience the melting pot of eastern and western cultures!

With four national languages which include Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English, Singapore has come to represent the ultimate heady mix of modernity with a hint of traditionalism. The country is often considered to be one of the leading contenders for ease of doing business and has taken vital lessons from its management ethos and unity amongst diverse cultures.

Today, Singapore is considered to be a modern, vibrant nation with an excellent (yet often unknown) educational system for students wishing to complete their studies abroad in an international location. Along with its high and exacting standards for academics and research, the country has also witnessed great success in connecting with the industry to understand the prevalent business landscape. This ensures that students can gain practical experience to find employment easily in the field of their choice.

With its world-class infrastructure, facilities that delight shoppers and businesses alike as well as political stability, the country has emerged as a great destination for drawing international experience and expertise for students. Its higher education courses are comparatively more affordable but the quality in sync with courses from universities based in US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. and above par when compared to other Asian destinations.

Not many other places globally can boast the sheer amount of diversity found in such a relatively tiny piece of land as Singapore. With its high standards of living, Singapore can be seen as an expensive place to put up although a lot of this would depend on the individual/student’s lifestyle. On average, be prepared to apply for an education finance option since living costs with tuition fees could reach up to Singapore Dollars 10,000/ annum.

Students who wish to study abroad in Singapore will need a visa. However, the application route is linked to the university application process. After securing the offer letter from the Singaporean university of their choice, students will need to apply for a student visa to enter Singapore. Most colleges will help file the student pass for Indian applicants with the Singapore Immigration and Check Point Authority (ICA). The usual costs for visa application is broken into three phases for most Indian applicants with processing, issuing and application fees ranging to about $180. This is apart from the bank statement that needs to showcase proof of funds for students which could be in the range of $8500 + tuition/ course fees annually.

Note: It is advisable to secure or work out details for a bridge loan option for such funding requests to ensure funds are available for entering Singapore colleges. Apart from the regular visa which is sent with the in-principle approval letter by the institution, students have to apply for the student pass. This has to be applied for no earlier than two months before the course commences but has to be secured latest one month from the course commencement. The student pass allows needy students to also work during their studies for a maximum of 16 hours per week. To obtain a Student Pass, students are required to sign up with the special Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System (SOLAR).

Do note that while studying abroad in Singapore, medical or health insurance is compulsory for students. The cost of health insurance will be S$45 approximately per year and it will cover all medical expenses while studying in Singapore. Students applying to Singapore based colleges should also possess a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months from the completion of the course as well as a valid Singapore visa. Since Singapore has English as the primary language, students with any other native mother tongue are required to share a TOFEL and IELTS score certificate whichever is applicable in a concerned educational institute.

The spouse and children of full-time graduate research students in Singapore can get sponsorship from the university for a Social Visit Pass to stay in Singapore. The graduate students should get their spouse and children to apply for an entry visa at Singapore’s embassy. Singapore offers both bachelor’s as well as master’s degree courses in all disciplines for international students. With its top-notch teaching infrastructure and high-quality methodology, the course curriculum is designed to increase student’s potential and make them more efficient. Truly, a degree from a Singapore university is recognized globally and offers a wide range of job opportunities to students across the World.


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