We covered types of student visas, important documents, the application process and the blocked bank account in the previous part of the student visa guide to study in Germany. In this episode, let’s understand visa interview questions, student visa fee, processing time, student visa permit and other important information.

What you must remember on your visa interview day

  • You will need to submit all the necessary documents when you arrive at the consulate for your student visa interview. To avoid the last-minute rush, create a backup by saving the soft copies on your mobile or laptop.
  • The interview is conducted to understand if you are genuinely interested in study in Germany. Also, you will be asked a bunch of questions to understand your academic journey so far, if your previous courses align with the study programs you are planning to study and other relevant questions. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely honest with your reasons if you want to clear the interview to study in Germany.

Pro tip: Depending on your location, the waiting time for your appointment will vary. So, please check with your nearest German Embassy to gain clarity on the waiting time.

Some questions that may be asked during the visa interview

  • Why did you choose Germany as your study abroad destination?
  • Why did you choose a certain German university?
  • Tell me something about your area of specialisation
  • What are your career goals?
  • What are your academic, entrance, and English language proficiency test scores?
  • What are your short and/or long-term goals?
  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Student visa fee

The student visa fee is €75, which is ~6,628 INR. You have to pay this fee soon after completing your visa interview at the Embassy. But you have to pay a student visa fee through Demand Draft (DD) in INR. So, before preparing the demand draft, please confirm the exact amount that needs to appear on the DD.

How long will it take to process the student visa?

German Missions in India or German Embassy usually take 15-30 days to declare the decision and provide the student visa to study in Germany. However, if you have not provided all the documents, this process may take longer and may take up to 6-12 weeks. Therefore, we always advise our study abroad student community to arrange all the documents before proceeding with the student visa application process. The process may also get delayed if German Embassy receives a large number of student visa applications.

What must you do after arriving in Germany?

  • Register your address: Please visit the local registration office to register your details to get the Registration Certificate. Keep this certificate safe and produce it when you need to activate your blocked bank account.
  • Activate your blocked bank account: Once your semester begins, you can open an official German bank account and transfer the money you have saved to your blocked bank account.

Student residence permit

The student visa is valid for 3 months, after which you must apply for a student residence permit. You have to be physically present in Germany to apply for a student residence permit which will allow you to study in Germany for the remainder of your course. You are required to visit the local Ausländerbehörde (Foreigner’s Authority) to get your permit. You shall receive it within 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your application.

So, these are a few things about a German student visa that you must bear in mind if you are planning to study in Germany. If you are worried about the cost of education, you can opt for an education loan in India for study abroad purposes. If you have any query, please connect with us. We will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey.

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