Study in Germany – A Chance to Experience the Rich Cultural Values & Etiquettes

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Why is Germany a popular study abroad destination?

Did you know that that in the year 2019, more than 3,00,000 students studying in Germany were from overseas? A country popular for its punctuality, ranks fourth among the most popular destinations for pursuing an academic journey. One of the many perks of studying in Germany is lower or absolutely no tuition fees which according to one of the surveys conducted in 2018, attracts ~35% of the foreign students, enthusiastic to study abroad, to Germany. The low cost, incredible learning experience, and Germany’s recognition as an education hub attract students from around the world to this country. Besides you get to select from a whopping ~20,000 degree courses from prestigious universities. Furthermore, education loan lenders usually have Germany at the top of their lists and students opting to study in Germany will find it an easy path to get their loan applications cleared.

Here are some popular courses in Germany

1. Architecture

2. Computer Science

3. Economics

4. Engineering

5. Humanities

6. Law

7. Management Studies

8. Math

9. Medical Studies

10. Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)

11. Psychology

So, you are all geared to fulfil your plan to study abroad by heading to Germany, but have many questions bothering you? Like how is the culture? What you must be mindful of during your stay in Germany? What kind of food would be available? How will you communicate? Here we bring to you all the answers to your questions. So, read on and familiarize yourself with Germany’s etiquettes, culture, values, and more exciting reasons that will motivate you to study in Germany.

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People, Lifestyle and Values

You will be blown away by the punctuality and structure that natives follow in Germany. So qualities like punctuality, order, structure, and precision will earn you a great number of friends and if you are a perfectionist then kudos to you. You will notice that the trains in Germany follow the schedule, so it is advised to be be punctual when you are in Germany. Germans are hard-working, sensible, and do not invade other people’s privacy but follow a culturally inclusive approach so you will never feel like an outsider. If you want help like finding directions or finding options to commute they will certainly help you out. People in Germany believe in staying in closely-knit communities and have a better social conscience.


Although German is their first language, many speak in English too. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to learn a new language by communicating with locals in German? Apart from German and English, the other spoken languages are Serbian, Danish, Turkish, and Kurdish. German is one of the official European languages, that has found its way into German Enterprises. So, your efforts to learn the German language can add to your credentials during your professional career.

Education process

Germany is home to educational institutions and universities with state-of-the-art infrastructure and up-to-date academic modules. Professional, learned, and experienced faculty will prove to be your life-long mentors. The curriculum is more practice-oriented which adds to the whole learning experience. The globally recognized courses not only deliver the expertise but will also make you stand out from the crowd when you are ready for your professional journey. Here’s a good news for the students who wish to learn and earn- you are allowed to work either up to 20 hours per week or 120 days around the year. If you are concerned that this may not be enough to cover your rent, then do not fret. Did you know that an education loan can cover rent as well? This way, you can use your earnings for other recreational purposes.

Rich cultural heritage

Germany is often touted for its fascinating cultural heritages and castles. It has a rich cultural heritage of monuments, castles, caves, ice age art, and more. You can take a trip with your German friends to visit Aachen Cathedral, Carolingian West work, Castles of Augustus burg and other incredible sites. This will give you a perfect opportunity to socialize and travel at the same time.


Although the choices of cuisine differ as per the local preferences, yet all Germans share a common love for rich and hearty meals. Pork and sausages make the most of the German meals. Pork lovers can try Schweinshaxe (pronounced as SH-vines-Haks-eh) and Saumagen (pronounced as ZOW-mahg-en), while Bratwurst (Braht-voorsht) is popular among sausage lovers. You will be amazed to know that there are over 1000+ varieties of sausages in Germany. Germany is also known to be obsessed with bread and has 300 bread varieties. Don’t be surprised to know that snack-time in South Germany is called Brotzeit which means bread time.


Oktoberfest is one of the popular festivals in Munich, Germany. People gather to socialize over food, games, and beverages around September-October, every year. You will be surprised to know that Germany has only one Federal holiday that is on 3rd October celebrated as a Germany unification day. Since the majority of the population in Germany is Christian, Christmas and Easter are celebrated enthusiastically. For all those students pursuing drama and theaters or even if you a movie and music enthusiast, Germany is a perfect place for entertainment because it hosts several music and film festivals throughout the year.

Etiquette to be mindful of

Knowledge of some cultural preferences can come in handy during your stay in Germany. Germans don’t appreciate noisy eaters so try to avoid the nom nomnom sound. Also, it is advised to wait till your guests have their food if you are hosting a lunch or dinner and eat only after they have had their food. And if you are visiting as a guest then you may want to carry chocolate or a bottle of wine as a gift. The best way to greet Germans is a firm handshake, however, it is best avoided during COVID times. Instead, you can greet them using greetings depending on the time of the day. In the morning, greet them saying Guten Morgen (pronounced as Goo-tehn mor-gen) which means good morning, Guten Tag (pronounced as Goo-tehn Tag) which means good day, and Guten Abend (pronounced as Goo-tehn Ah-bend) which means good evening. You can choose to address them by the title and their last name. For Instance, use Herr(Mr.) and the last name to address men and use Frau (Mrs.) and the last name for women.

Globally recognized study courses, the opportunity to earn while you learn, minimal to no tuition fees are major reasons that attract students from all over the world to Germany. While you are in Germany, you will have a perfect opportunity to learn a new language, network with a vibrant student community, and visit places of great historical value. To read about student experiences in Germany, please click here. Mayur Shirode who pursued his Master’s in Business Administration & Engineering (MBA&E)from HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences shared his experience as a student as a part of our INFOPEDIA initiative.

If you are ready to embark on your academic journey to Germany, you can reach out to us for any query in terms of customized education financing solutions to fulfil your academic aspirations. Our study loan can take care of the several expenses that you may incur during your studies such as rent, insurance, travel fare, and so on. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Take the next step towards your dream career with our study loan. All the best!

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