At Avanse Financial Services, we strive to partner with you on your study abroad journey. Hence, through our Students Speak series, we bring some interesting glimpses into the study abroad journey of your peers. In this episode of the Students Speak series, we are in conversation with Kathakali, who will soon land in Canada to pursue Occupational Health Safety and Wellness study program at Conestoga College. Let’s understand the academic journey that enabled her to pursue higher studies, her passion, her dream university, her coursework and her reason to study abroad.

Her robust academic background

Kathakali began her academic journey by pursuing a BSc. in Clinical Psychology from Amity University. Post completion of her bachelor’s degree, she opted for an internship to learn more about Organisation Psychology and Clinical Psychology. She completed her M.A. in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University while doing her internship in the same arena. She had planned to pursue her master’s degree abroad; however, due to COVID, she had to defer her study abroad plans.

Her passion

The internship turned out to be a great choice as she discovered her true passion, i.e. Administrative Psychology. She was fascinated with organisational administration, managing the wellness of the employees, and understanding their challenges. To further strengthen her portfolio, she is currently working at a clinic as a Healthcare Coordinator. Once she identified her interest, she invested her time conducting extensive desktop research and connecting with her peers to consciously move her academic trajectory toward Administrative Psychology.

About her college

Conestoga College is one of the popular public colleges in Ontario, Canada. It offers study programs that make you career-ready and experiential learning with well-equipped labs to facilitate applied research. Besides, the college has dedicated support and career advising services to assist the student fraternity. Conestoga College’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CCQI) initiative ensures an excellent learning experience and rigorous study programs.

About her coursework

Kathakali is enrolled in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness (OHSW), a full-time program. This one-year program will commence in September 2022. The coursework will cover Organisational Effectiveness, Hazard Identification and Applied Safety Processes, Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness (Safety), Project Management and other interesting subjects. In addition to her expert knowledge in her domain, she will benefit from the study abroad experience, which will enable her to develop a global outlook.

Her motivation to pursue her study abroad dream

Although studying abroad was a dream that she nurtured since her undergraduation journey, she gained clarity when she was associated with one of her friend’s firm. This provided her with hands-on experience in Organisational Psychology. At the same time, her internship gave her the required exposure in the same area which encouraged her to pursue overseas education in the Administrative Psychology to be career-ready.

Why is Canada the ideal study abroad destination for Kathakali

Studying abroad is without any doubt an expensive affair, said Kathakali. However, as per her research, pursuing a similar course from a premier university in India would cost the same. Secondly, she was keen on expanding her horizon, getting out of her comfort zone and developing a global outlook. Hence, she viewed studying abroad as a perfect opportunity to gain international exposure and build a global network which is necessary to develop a leading-edge for easy career transition.

So, this is all about Kathakali’s academic background, passion, a dream university, coursework and reason to study abroad. In the next episode, we will cover her research mechanism and university application process. Meanwhile, if you have a query regarding education loans, please connect with us. We will be glad to assist you.

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