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May 16, 2016
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Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014

Planning to Study in Australia – Things to Know

Just as the U.S. is popular for the group of Ivy League colleges, Australia has a similar Group of Eight of which 7 find world rankings in the top 100. Australia has a lot of boast of to the world- from the sandy beaches to its marine life, the wilderness of forests and its aboriginal descent, bustling sky-scrapper cities and rocky mountains. Among all this, is one more asset that Australia has to prove to the world- the masses of international students at its universities. Australia has for long remained a popular Anglophone study-abroad destination. It attracts large masses of students from the Asian nations in its close vicinity such as China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and even India, with many even crossing oceans from Europe and Latin America. Known for its multi-cultural environment and friendly natives, Australian universities find themselves globally positioned as a popular study-abroad destination.

Indian students are required to obtain an Australian Student visa which requires submission of SAT or GMAT/GRE scores along with TOFEL or IELTS Score or similar course if required by the university. The visa requirement states the student should obtain a confirmed admission from the university under consideration before applying for a student visa. It also required the students to submit an Evidence of funds along with a health and character assessment document. Interestingly, the visa comes with a permission to work, but however work cannot be begun until the course has started. Student visa holders must note than they can work for a maximum 40 hours per fortnight.

So which are the main student hubs of Australia? Well, of course to top the list would be Sydney, which is not only Australia’s most popular tourist destination but also the most preferred student destination in Australia. 2 of Australia’s Group of Eight are situated in Sydney which are- University of Sydney, ranked 45th in the world and University of New South Wales, ranked 46th in the world. Other famous universities in the located in the city are Macquarie University (ranked 229th), University of Technology, Sydney (218th) and University of Western Sydney (651-700).

Another popular student city is the architecture marvel of Melbourne. For those who avoid to avoid staying in a city as busy as Sydney, Melbourne is the next best alternative offering you a state of tranquillity and the modernized environment, perhaps a best-of-both worlds situation. Melbourne stays no behind Sydney and is home to 2 of the Group Eight universities- University of Melbourne (ranked 42nd in the world) and Monash University (67th), as well as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (joint 273rd), Deakin University (joint 324th), La Trobe University (joint 394th), and Swinburne University of Technology (501-550). 

The business city of Brisbane is also a popular tourist destination for its close proximity to Gold Coast. This capital city of Queensland, is home to the University of Queensland (ranked at a joint 46th with University of New South Wales) with the other ranked institutions being Queensland University of Technology (263rd) and Griffith University (joint 329th).

When it comes to Western Australia, Perth is among another favourite spots. Perth is known for its quiet and sandy beaches, museums and theatres. A vast differences between the lifestyle of Sydney, if you someone who enjoys solitude and nature, then Perth is heaven on Earth for you. With its uncrowded streets, Perth has more to offer. Perth is home to University of Western Australia (98th), Curtin University (joint 284th) and Murdoch University (551-600), and the Notre Dame University.

Along the Southern state of Australia, lies the coastal city of Adelaide. Not only is Adelaide globally known for its famous botanical gardens or its film festival but is also located in the central wine growing region of Australia. The prominent universities of Adelaide are University of Adelaide at joint 113th in our world rankings, followed by the University of South Australia (288th) and Flinders University (501-550). 

Among the other most ranked universities of Australia is the Australian National University (ANU) ranked a joint 19th in the world at par with London’s King College. ANU is located in the national capital of Canberra.

While the Australian culture not only attracts Post-graduate students, the country also attracts a growing number of Graduate students, which makes it even more important to have a look at the tuition fees and living expenses across the country. According to a recent report by HSC Bank, the cost of studying in Australia is higher than in any other country. The tuition fees and living expenses greatly vary according to the university and course you choose, what level are you studying at and whether you a domestic or international student.

I have found the following data regarding the Tuition fees for international as per the official government site, Study in Australia:

  • Bachelor’s degree – AU$15,000 (US$11,750) to AU$33,000 (US$25,800);
  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$15,650) to $37,000 (US$28,900);
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,950) to $37,000 (US$28,900).

However, International students are also considered eligible to apply for Commonwealth supported place, a government initiative to subsidize fees for deserving candidates.

Given the high tuition expenses, you cannot expect the living expenses to be any less. The average annual living expenses are around $18,610(AUD) according to Department of Immigration and Border Protection. When it comes to rent, a shared apartment is the most preferred and the cheapest alternative available as against hostel accommodation or single occupant rented apartment (most expensive). Other weekly expenses would account for somewhere between 300-350$ (AUD) a month taking into account groceries and eating out, public transport, entertainment, phone bills and internet, gas and electricity, etc.

While staying in Australia can no wonder cause a hole in your pocket, the quality of education is a fact we can’t deny. With a wide range of Australian universities making into the world rankings, I am sure you can understand how prestigious those institutes are.

No wonder where and what you choose to study, you can always bag on education loans to help take care of your financial needs while you can concentrate on the studying part of it. A number of Educational loan players both in the public and the private sector are there to help you leap closer to your dreams.


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