Study abroad in Sweden – the next big education hub for Indian students

Sweden, one of the most progressive and innovation focused countries globally has fast become a destination flocked by Indian students for culminating their high education dreams. It is the third largest country in the European Union and with a population close to 10million embodies a free-thinking, and creative culture that lays an emphasis on innovation led group work.The local government is insistent on promoting the innovation led economy and invests considerable resources into its  higher education programs for the host of its multi-cultural population. Additionally a sizeable amount of the courses applicable for Masters degree are taught in English. With the growing number of countries changing their first language to English, this gives a major boost to international students to study abroad with the help of higher education loans. Home to the prestigious Noble prizes, the country is acknowledged for its excellence in design, and promotes art too.

Did you know: Sweden is home to major brands like Ikea, Daim Chocolate, H&M, Skype and even Ericsson.

Students, who choose Sweden for completing their higher education, opt for the country as they value the option to think independently, creatively and critically. They are helped in developing their ability to challenge the status quo by seeking information, assessing perspectives to form well-informed opinions. The entire Swedish higher education system is ranked amongst the best globally and in fact eight Swedish universities rank in the QS World University Rankings global top 300 list.

If you are a student pursuing environment sciences or are a green warrior who wants to dedicate their efforts towards conservation then look no further! Sweden devotes itself to Mother Earth and is full of amazing places for environmentalists to explore. The country is counted as one of the most sustainable countries globally with its commitment towards using renewable energies as it counts sustainability at the heart of its values and culture. Moreover, in a bid to attract the best talent, the Swedish institute also awards sizeable scholarships to international students. Do note that while free education as a part of the country’s welfare programs has been a norm, the nation has recently implemented a fee structure that is on the expensive side in order to attract only serious talent. A typical Master’s program in the country could cost anything between INR. 6.5Lakhs to INR. 13Lakhs for a year long duration. It would thus be wise to opt for education finance options that help you cater to your needs during the time of the course curriculum.

Many degree programs in Sweden include internships, which can be a great way to get real-world experience while you build your professional network. In fact, the nation also offers students the chance to apply for a work permit in case they secure a job while studying there, with the benefit of no legal limit to the number of hours you can work there. This also leads to the emphasis on studies that accord higher priority to learning and not just to grades. The study curriculum for Sweden entails a lot of practical and research focused work that enable students to have valuable exposure to real life work situations. In 2014 Sweden simplified its rules to offer PhD students permanent residence permits.
Studying in Sweden is a different experience altogether as it offers students a whole new experience. Cities like Stockholm are known for its r
ich cultural heritage and idyllic setting; spread out across 14 islands. Gothenburg, which is Sweden’s second largest city, offers multicultural experiences and a vibrant entertainment scene, and Malmo is a bustling cosmopolitan city.
Did you know: Management, Clean-tech sector and automotive industry, Information technology are amongst the most preferred jobs in the country.

Students planning to study in Sweden would require a Residence Permit which can be applied for online as well as on paper at the time of receiving a confirmation/ Admission letter in the preferred university. It would be wise to plan for any such requirements by connecting with financial education experts and also discussing the finance options with them. Most students prefer to stick around the capital city of Stockholm, which is the center of entertainment, business, culture and industry. Benefits of working in Sweden include free medical and healthcare, and subsidized education for the worthy, state subsidies in a variety of areas to make life inexpensive and pleasant. What’s not to like?!

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