Did you know that Indian students applying to international universities for 2022 fall intake have doubled compared to 2021? If you too are planning to study abroad like several other study abroad aspirants, you must plan your accommodation as early as possible.

Finding suitable accommodation can be a daunting task for many study abroad aspirants. So, here’s a brief guide for you that will help you plan your study abroad accommodation.

Types of accommodation 

1. Campus accommodation 

Campus accommodation will be part of your university, and most students studying abroad opt for this option. Since it is part of your university campus, you can hop, skip and jump to your classrooms. You don’t have to worry about safety as you will be living within the secured premises of your university. This can be an amazing study abroad accommodation arrangement that will give you a chance to socialize with your peers after class.

2. Private accommodation

You can rent a private accommodation too. You can start looking for these properties before landing in your host country. Some educational institutions will assist you with a list of private accommodations. When you shortlist, you should check the size of the room, distance from your university, services available and safeguard yourself from scams. If you wish to share this study abroad accommodation with your peers, you should check if this facility is available. 

3. Homestays 

Want to share a home with a family? Then homestay is for you. With this study abroad accommodation option, you can learn about culture, people, and a new language from your host family. 

4. Student hostels 

Student hostels, always buzzing with energy, are available exclusively for the student community. This study abroad accommodation will allow you to network with students from different countries and cultures. 


Some important things to remember when hunting an accommodation

1. Turn into a detective  

You can choose any study abroad accommodation right from campus accommodation or homestay but not without conducting thorough research. Check out the pricing, ease of travelling, amenities and all the other services available. Please bear in mind that you will stay in this arrangement for 2-4 years, so choose wisely.

2. Check the connectivity 

Find out if your choice of study abroad accommodation is close to your university. Time is a crucial element in a student’s life. So, ensure your accommodation is well-connected through a suitable mode of transport. 

3. Safety should come first 

Personal safety is of great importance when you study abroad. So ensure you approach credible sources for your accommodation arrangement. Please do not forget to inquire about the safety protocols followed by respective study abroad accommodation channels.

4. Don’t fall for scams 

Refrain from giving your personal and financial information. Secondly, carry out thorough research before going ahead with the plans. Avoid making any advance payments, especially without receiving valid receipts.

How to arrange your accommodation from your home turf?

Social media has made life simpler. You can connect with virtual communities and groups on social media who will guide you. Some social media platforms will share photos and virtual tours, which will help you arrive at the right decision. Many universities assist with the accommodation arrangements so you can connect with your university too.

So, these are some important things students must know when selecting study abroad accommodation. If you are worried about the cost of accommodation, let us tell you that an overseas education loan will cover it, including all the other education-related expenses. If you have any query, we are just a call away!


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