In the previous episode of Students Speak, we gained some great insights into Ronaldo Gomes’ academic journey, university, study abroad program and research mechanism. In this episode, let’s explore his valuable advice, tips to write an impressive SOP, and important documents required. So, let’s dive in.

Take advice, then take charge of the decision-making process

Ronaldo shared a valuable piece of advice that helped him arrive at the right decision. He did thorough online and offline research, which opened several options for him. Various education consultants would contact him regularly to share their views about which course, university and study abroad destination would be the best fit for him. However, he took complete control of his decision instead of relying on multiple sources of information. He made well-informed decisions keeping in mind his career goals. Secondly, he took his time to ensure thorough research instead of hurriedly enrolling in the upcoming intake.

After shortlisting a few universities, he connected with his education consultant, who assisted him with the university application process. He received an offer letter from the university within a week after applying. Hence, Ronaldo insisted that you take advice from education consultants and your peers and conduct thorough desktop research but take your decisions independently. In this process, students must know their academic and career goals clearly. This will enable them to make the right choices.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

SOP is a crucial part of the application process written in essay format. It should capture all essential aspects of your academic journey, extracurricular activities, additional courses, the reason for selecting the respective university, course, career plans, inspiration, and other relevant information. Ronaldo shared that most education consultants assist the students in drafting the SOP. However, Ronaldo drafted the SOP in his own words capturing all his academic milestones, qualifications and reasons for choosing the university and the course.

Ronaldo’s friend studying in the UK gave him valuable guidance in drafting an SOP. He also watched a few YouTube videos, attended webinars and the education consultants helped him too. He spoke to the admission panelist of the universities and international students to understand the specific details that examiners look for in the SOP. He gathered all the relevant information to create a perfect SOP. Based on the information, he created 10 drafts which were further edited to create one perfect SOP.

Here are the key points to remember before drafting an SOP:

  1. The SOP has to be believable to strike a chord with the examiner.
  2. Please remember, haste makes waste. So, take time to write an engaging SOP. 
  3. Use easy-to-understand language and avoid complex words.
  4. Stick to the word count prescribed by the university, which usually ranges between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

Other Important documents

Professors from the previous educational institutes issue the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) that gives a comprehensive insight into your academic profile. Building a good rapport with the faculty members during your undergraduate study program will work in your favor. Your mentor can add your abilities, skills, strengths and other initiatives in the LOR. The other documents that you need to arrange before proceeding with the university application process will include marksheets, passport, ID proofs, and photographs, to name a few.

So, this episode has captured Ronaldo’s valuable advice, tips for writing an impressive SOP, and important documents required. In the next episode, we will learn about his perfect education loan partner and valuable tips for study abroad students. Meanwhile, if you have any query, please feel free to reach us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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