In the previous episode of the Students Speak series, we learned about the extensive research and meticulous university application process that set Kathakali on her study abroad journey. In this episode, we will cover the IELTS exam, visa application process, accommodation, her education loan partner and some valuable tips for study abroad students.

English proficiency test – IELTS

International study programs are taught in English, and hence, most universities require study abroad students to take the IELTS exam. If you skip this test, you will have to appear for the English language test once you join the campus. Although Kathakali is well-versed in English, she practised to secure a good score in IELTS. She learned from YouTube videos and movies by communicating in English and following IELTS preparation books. According to her, if study abroad students stick to the IELTS pattern as mentioned in the books, it is more than enough to score good grades in the English proficiency exam.

Visa application process

Her intake is in September 2022, so Kathakali has sufficient time for the visa application process. She will be applying for a student visa by the end of May this year. According to her, though she has time at her disposal, she will prepare the documents in advance. To be ready with the basic documents, she will be going through a medical test, which is part of the overall process.

Accommodation arrangements

Kathakali advised study abroad students to sort out their accommodation before landing in their host country. She has joined various groups on Facebook and regularly connects with her peers and alumni on LinkedIn to find the right accommodation. Some of the available options for study abroad students are campus accommodation, private housing, homestays, and student hostels. You can shortlist them depending on your preferences. A few things to consider while shortlisting your accommodation are the ease of travelling to your university, pricing, amenities and safety. Also, don’t let anyone dupe you, beware of scams and never share your financial information.

Her hunt for the perfect education loan partner

Education consultants referred a couple of financial institutions to Kathakali. She was reluctant to opt for a student loan from other financial institutions due to higher interest rates and tedious paperwork. Her online research directed her to Avanse Financial Services. She carried out extensive research by reading the Google reviews, blogs, website and Quora content related to Avanse Financial Services.

Amazed with genuine and positive reviews and testimonials, she approached team Avanse. Initially, she was worried about the deadline and communicated her concern to the team. After reassuring and comforting her, she was asked to submit the documents. She was surprised when her study abroad loan was disbursed within a week. She praised the seamless and lightning-fast services, transparent process, valuable guidance, and efficient team at Avanse Financial Services. This enabled her to pay the university fees within the set deadline.

Furthermore, she mentioned that when they transferred the amount to the university, they confirmed all her details to ensure that she had a hassle-free experience. She said she had not imagined in her wildest dreams that she would get the student loan in such a short span of time.

Valuable tips for study abroad aspirants

When asked to share some advice for study abroad aspirants, Kathakali quickly said, “Persistence is the key”. She further elaborated that you may face many challenges and failures along the way, but you must never give up. You are bound to come across people who will discourage you and stop you from achieving your study abroad aspirations, but the right people will always support you.

So, this brings us to the end of Kathakali’s study abroad journey planning. We truly admire the fighter in her and her persistent efforts. Team Avanse wishes her all the best in her future endeavors. If you have any query, you can reach us. We will be glad to partner with you on your study abroad journey.

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