We, at Avanse Financial Services, through our Students Speak series, intend to share the interesting study abroad journey of our student community to assist you with your planning process. In this episode, we are in conversation with Balpreet Singh, who is all set to pursue a Financial Planning study program from a Canadian university. Let’s understand his academic journey so far, course, inspiration, research mechanism, and more. So, let’s dive in.

His academic journey so far 

Balpreet’s keen interest in the Finance domain encouraged him to pursue a bachelor’s degree. To gain expertise in this field, he pursued a Cost Management Accounting course from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. His formal education built his expertise in the Accounting domain. This further motivated him to explore the Finance field to gain interdisciplinary knowledge to strengthen his profile. 

Glimpse into his course 

Since he has 4-5 years of work experience in Financial Accounting, he is interested in gaining deeper knowledge to sharpen his expertise. Apart from this, he believes that he can develop a global outlook that can unlock promising career opportunities in the overseas market by studying abroad. What interests him the most about his course is that he can get a formal education about Security Markets, among other fascinating subjects. 

His motivation to pursue higher education

Balpreet shared that he intends to explore the Financial Investment Banking domain in detail. In order to do this, he needs to be well equipped with both Accounting and Financing knowledge. Although he currently possesses the fundamental knowledge of Finance, gaining in-depth knowledge is critical to achieving career goals in the long run. Besides, this will also give him a perfect head start in his career and allow an easy transition into his preferred career path.  

What further encouraged him to pursue this path was his work experience. His current work profile deals with back-office operations. Balpreeet intends to manage the whole gamut of the financial ecosystem, including front-end operations. This course will open a new window of opportunities to achieve career success in the future. In brief, he aims to leverage his current domain knowledge and, at the same time, explore the financial space to propel his career to greater heights. 

Behind wise decisions are rigorous research 

Balpreeet shared a fascinating and unique research mechanism as he first traced the success path of the business giants. This led him to an interesting discovery that highlighted the importance of overseas education. This convinced him to embark on his quest for quality education from an international university. Although his work experience has given him the right exposure and hands-on experience in his chosen domain, he believes that higher education is necessary too. 

Therefore, he invested his time to shortlist the international universities that offer study programs in his chosen domain. He initially shortlisted the universities in the USA and Canada. His research suggested that Canada would prove to be a better option in terms of the cost of education and cost of living without compromising on quality education. He shortlisted 6 Canadian universities that offer a Financial Planning study program. His second criteria to shortlist the universities was his preference of May to September intakes. This directed him to his dream university to pursue his higher education aspiration.  

Online resources recommended 

Google, YouTube and LinkedIn are the three online resources he recommended to students to conduct thorough research. Balpreet shared an interesting insight about LinkedIn and YouTube research. He mentioned that he connected with peers who have pursued the same course. This helped him understand the career avenues that would be available post completion of his course. The peers shared the information with him that is not available on other platforms. He suggested that a personal approach will help students connect with their peers to gain deeper insights into the course. 

So, this is all about Balpreet’s academic journey planning so far, his motivation to pursue his course and his unique research mechanism. In the next episode, we will learn about the entrance exam, his education financing partner and more. Meanwhile, if you have any query, please connect with us. All the best!

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