Avanse Financial Services in conversation with Nikhil Walimbe, who is set to pursue Management MSc. from Queen Mary University of London, England. He is from Pune and has recently completed his graduation. Nikhil loves to create content and has been writing blogs on various themes related to men’s fashion & lifestyle. Let’s look at his academic journey so far, a brief review about his institution and course, the reason behind opting for this field, university and course selection.

Nikhil’s academic background and reason to pursue Management MSc. from London

Nikhil completed his Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies, Hospitality Administration/Management this year. He chose Management MSc. for his higher education because it gives high-level training across the most compelling areas of business. This course offers in-depth knowledge on topics such as strategy, innovation and organizational behavior. It introduces some fascinating combinations of Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management and more. According to him, his graduation degree knowledge coupled with the curriculum of Management MSc. from the Queen Mary University of London will strengthen his future career prospect. 

Let’s explore the course curriculum, the college and Nikhil’s study abroad destination

The course is designed for non-business graduates and delivers sophisticated management education for those who wish to significantly improve employability in middle and senior management positions. It equips a student with the skills required to become a successful manager. With the help of lectures and seminars, students get a real-world understanding of key management issues and the technical know-how to implement strategies on an organizational and corporate level. Some of the compulsory modules of this course are – Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, Financial Analysis & Management Accounting, Risk & Crisis Management, Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Marketing Management and Research Methods for Management. Some of the elective modules are – CSR & Business Ethics, Leadership in Social & Public Sectors, Selected Issues in Commercial & Company Law and more. The course also includes a dissertation, which gives students a chance to conduct in-depth and independent research. 

Nikhil opted for this university post conducting a thorough research on the reputation of the institution. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, this university ranks 117th on the list. In addition, the course module interested him, and thus, he decided to go ahead with this university and course. 

When asked about why he selected the United Kingdom as his study abroad destination, Nikhil said, “the United Kingdom is one of the most progressive nations” in the world and “it is filled with a plethora of opportunities”. One of the reasons behind Nikhil opting for this destination is the diverse cultural experience that he can gather from this country, which in the long run can strengthen his overall management skills. Another exciting point that students opting for the UK usually consider is the Graduate Route, which allows students to stay back for 2 years after completing their study program to gain relevant work experience.  

Job prospects for Nikhil post-course completion

The course that Nikhil will be pursuing will enable him to explore a wide range of career options. This program supports a variety of careers, including consulting, research and management positions in small to medium enterprises and large multinationals. According to him, he can explore job roles such as Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers, Accounting Managers, Business & Finance Analysts and more. According to the college website, previous students work as Marketing Professionals, Public Relations Professionals, Project Management Professionals in organizations like The British Council, Deloitte LLP, EY and more. 

 That’s all about the start of Nikhil’s higher education journey planning. In the next episode, we will cover some more interesting aspects like his research mechanism, travel and accommodation plans. Meanwhile, if you have any doubt, please share them with us. We, at Avanse, will be happy to assist you. All the best!

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