In the previous episode of Students Speak, we learned about Balpreet Singh’s academic journey so far, his motivation to pursue his course and his unique research mechanism. In this episode, let’s explore his mentor’s role, entrance exams, education financing partner and some valuable tips.

Role of his mentor 

Balpreet connected with his academic mentor to understand her views. Through her years of experience, she was able to guide Balpreeet accurately. She mentioned that the Financial Planning course would open a plethora of opportunities for him. She also shed light on career avenues that would be available post completion of his course. Her guidance further assured him that he was on the right track, which encouraged him to act upon his plans. Hence, he suggests that students should connect and network with people from their circle to understand all the possibilities in detail so that they can make the right decisions.  

About entrance exams 

According to Balpreet, students need to appear for the GMAT exam to pursue higher education, such as a Master’s course in Canada. Since Balpreet’s course is a PGDM course, a one year program, he is required to appear for an English proficiency entrance exam. He appeared for the IELTS exams in November 2021. He credits his mentor for helping him prepare for this exam, enhancing his skills, and understanding the exam format. Once Balpreet identified his areas of improvement, he worked assiduously to get a good score, and his efforts ultimately resulted in success. 

How did he find the perfect education financing partner?

He began the search for an education loan provider online. He extensively researched to learn about the education loan process, eligibility criteria, documents required and more. This provided him with the basic information necessary to continue with the loan application. His research directed him to GyanDhan, an education financing marketplace. After filling up the application online, he was contacted by a representative from Gyandhan, who referred him to Avanse Financial Services. 

He shared that once he connected with Avanse Financial Services, the education loan journey was a seamless experience for him. What convinced him to opt for an NBFC is that they offer 100% finance. Secondly, he was looking for an education loan partner that offers unsecured student loans. This specific requirement directed him to apply for an education loan with Avanse Financial Services, which enabled him to opt for a hyper-personalized education financing solution, catering to his exact needs and requirements.

At Avanse Financial Services, we cover the holistic cost of education, including tuition fees, accommodation cost, study material, equipment cost, cost of learning devices and other education-related expenses. Balpreet had shortlisted other financiers too, but he found their education loan process to be extremely complex. When he connected with Avanse Financial Services, he was impressed with the simple process and seamless experience. He was surprised as his student loan was sanctioned within 2-3 days and disbursed within 7-8 days. He is extremely happy with his experience with Avanse Financial Services.  

His valuable advice for study abroad students 

He stressed that finance is the most crucial part of the study abroad journey as it is the last and the most important piece of the puzzle. Therefore, students must conduct thorough research before shortlisting education financing partners. Get to know the education loan process, customer reviews, TAT and more to make a well-informed decision. Balpreet suggested that if you are planning to pursue higher education, you can learn from the life experiences of the business leaders of your preferred domain. You can explore the courses and career paths that they pursued to reach where they are today. 

This brings us to the end of Balpreet’s academic journey planning. We hope his experience and advice will help you design your study abroad plans. At Avanse Financial Services, we wish Balpreet all the best for his future endeavours. If you aspire to pursue your academic aspirations, we will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey. If you need more information, please connect with us. All the best! 

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