In the previous episode of Students Speak, we explored Sushant’s academic journey, motivation to pursue higher education, academic hubs that he shortlisted, university and course. In this episode, let’s learn about his research mechanism, his education loan partner, the role of his education consultant, entrance exams, and some valuable advice.

Key Highlights

·         Sushant’s research mechanism

·         How did he find his perfect education loan partner?

·         The role of an education consultant

·         Entrance tests required to pursue management studies

·         Sushant’s valuable tips

Sushant’s research mechanism

Many of Sushant’s friends, currently studying abroad, played a vital role in his research by sharing valuable information with him. Also, according to him, nowadays, all the information is easily available on the internet. So, students must conduct extensive research using online resources.

He mentioned that Quora is a rich resource of information that helped him explore authentic data, stats and reviews about universities, courses, some popular study abroad destinations, culture, weather and more. This helped him design his academic plan and shortlist the right varsity, study destination and course.

How did he find his perfect education loan partner?

To prepare for his student loan journey, he explored YouTube videos to gather information on the types of loans, application process and financial institutions. This is when Shushant first learned about Avanse Financial Services. When he further explored Quora, he read about positive reviews posted by students for Avanse. Data gathered from these resources convinced him to connect with the team. He stated that his education loan process was seamless, from the application to disbursement.

As a student-centric organisation, at Avanse Financial Services, we understand the significance of quality education and hence, strive to offer you hyper-personalised student loans. With Avanse education loan, you can enjoy 100% finance, lighting-fast sanctions, flexible repayment options and more benefits.

The role of an education consultant

Sushant connected with an education counsellor at the start of his academic journey planning. The consultant educated him about the admission process, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and Letter of Recommendation (LOR). The valuable inputs shared by his counsellor enabled him to draft an appropriate SOP. In addition to his education consultant’s views, he incorporated his own flavour into the SOP by mentioning his achievements, reasons for selecting, the course, country and university.

Entrance tests required to pursue management studies

Although his university does not require students to appear for entrance exams, Sushant shared some interesting information about such exams. Students need to appear for either GMAT or GRE test for business management programs. These entrance exams are widely accepted in popular destinations such as the US, the UK and Canada.

Also, students must check if there are any university-specific requirements. For instance, some UK universities have waived off the IELTS exam. If you score the minimum percentage in the English language as required by your chosen university, you will be eligible for a waiver.

Sushant’s valuable tips

·         For academic journey planning: Every student has a unique expectation from the learning outcomes. Therefore, it is essential to know your needs to shortlist your study program, university and destination. If you are looking for post-graduation courses with shorter duration, you can explore universities in the UK, as most educational institutions offer study programs with a duration of 1 year.


·         Study loan: He highly recommends Avanse Financial Services to those looking for an education loan partner, as he is impressed with the transparent process and quick sanction. He stated that if students go ahead with Avanse, they will never be disappointed.

So, this brings us to the end of Sushant’s academic journey planning. We wish him all the best for his study abroad journey and future endeavours. Meanwhile, if you need any assistance with your academic quest, please remember we are just a click away.



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