In the previous episode of the Students Speak series, we gained insights into Karishma Ajmera’s research mechanism, the reason for choosing to study in the UK, her career plans, education consultants, and SOPs. In this episode, let’s understand entrance exams to study in the UK, her career plans, how she found a perfect education loan partner and some invaluable advice.

Entrance exams to study in the UK

Entrance tests are competitive tests that study abroad students must take as part of the application process. Karishma pointed out that in order to study in the US, you have to take the GRE exam. However, there is no mandatory entrance exam for the UK except for English proficiency tests, i.e., International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). 

TOEFL is an English language test accepted by 11,000+ education institutions across 190+ countries. IELTS, too, is a popular entrance exam among study-abroad students as it is accepted in 140+ countries, including the UK. Since many international universities have waived off the English proficiency test requirement, it is advised to first check with your preferred university before the preparations. 

Karishma shared that her English scores from her previous institution were enough to get her through the admission process, and hence, the English proficiency exam was waived off for her by her university. So, please check with your university if it has a similar requirement as it will save a lot of time.

Her career plans 

Karishma plans to leverage the opportunity that Post Study Work Visa offers to many study abroad students. Post completion of her studies, she plans to work in the UK to gain hands-on experience. She affirmed that healthcare is currently booming across the world. Therefore, after two years, she is open to accept job opportunities outside the UK too. She believes in tapping into this sector’s infinite possibilities after gathering two years of working experience in the UK. 

The biggest decision of her study abroad journey: Education loan partner 

Karishma stresses that whether you want to study in India or study overseas, finance plays a vital role in your academic journey because quality education can be expensive. She explained that her YouTube research assisted her in connecting the dots. She was introduced to WeMakeScholars through YouTube. This organisation helped her to get in touch with Avanse Financial Services. Avanse has partnered with WeMakeScholars to reach out to more deserving students to enable them to fulfil their academic aspirations with the help of the right education financing solutions. 

So, the consultant at WeMakeScholars introduced her to Avanse Financial Services, a new age, technologically advanced student-centric NBFC. Team Avanse immediately connected with her to educate her about the education loan process. Karishma said that after connecting with team Avanse, there was no looking back. She was amazed by the hassle-free experience as her loan was sanctioned within a week.

Learnings from Karishma’s study abroad journey planning

Karishma shared some invaluable advice for students who aspire to study overseas.

  • Finances play a major role in your academic journey. So, it is important to arrange the necessary funds. So, analyse the costs you will incur if you plan to opt for overseas education. If you are opting for a student loan, research the lender, interest rates, costs covered, customer service and other relevant aspects. 
  • Undergraduate students who intend to study abroad must aim to score well to get through the admission process for the post-graduation. 
  • She stressed, “you must do your own research”. Education consultants, peers, and others will help in your journey by sharing their advice. However, you must conduct thorough research to know your expectations. This way, you will be better placed to weigh the pros and cons and make well-informed decisions. It will also assist you in filtering the information that comes from your friends and education consultants if you do your legwork. 

So, this brings us to the end of Karishma’s academic journey planning. We wish her all the best for her study abroad journey. We, at Avanse Financial Services, will bring more such experience-sharing articles through the Students Speak series. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, please feel free to connect with us. We will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey. All the best!

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