In the previous episode, we explored Kaif Khan’s academic journey, motivation to select his course & university, and research mechanism. In this episode, let’s discover his travel and accommodation arrangements, the visa application process, valuable tips, views on part-time jobs, and more.

Travel and accommodation arrangements

Kaif plans to land 10-11 days before his course starts so that he can settle down comfortably. Since one of his friends is studying in Canada, Kaif plans to share the accommodation with him. He mentions that your network will play a critical role in such situations. If you have good connections with peers, it will be easy to plan your accommodation before moving to your host country. You can also consider Airbnb so that you can comfortably stay for 14-15 days while you look for your accommodation in your study abroad destination. Airbnb is an excellent choice for students who don’t have friends or family in the host country. This will allow you to find suitable accommodation as per your requirements. You can even physically visit and check the arrangements before moving to your preferred accommodation. 

Things to remember before going for the visa application process

He mentioned that the first step is to pay the college fees post which you can proceed with Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). The GIC is an investment that many Canadian financial institutions offer at a fixed rate of return. The Canadian Government needs an assurance that you have enough funds to pay your fees and manage your other living expenses when you stay in Canada, and hence it is mandatory. Kaif said that GIC is a fantastic way of managing finances and expenses as it gives you a fixed sum of money when you study in Canada. 

You also need to ensure that your medical documents are in place. All these documents are mandatory if you are applying for Student Direct Stream (SDS). Here you may be curious to know what is SDS. The SDS is a program available to students from various countries, including India, which expedites the study permit process. Also, please remember GIC is mandatory for students applying under the SDS program.

His valuable tips for students travelling to Canada during the pandemic 

It is imperative that you have all the necessary documents when you travel to Canada. Also, please remember to carry the COVID test results that you can produce when asked by the authorities. You need to have a valid health insurance policy that you can purchase in your home country before travelling abroad. 

His views on working part-time

Kaif plans to work part-time because, according to him, working while studying abroad is extremely important. His advice to other peers is to apply through popular apps such as Indeed and LinkedIn. You can also physically share your CVs by visiting the places you are interested in working, which is the most popular and easiest way to find a job. 

How did he find the perfect education financing partner?

Online and offline research helped Kaif to find out about Avanse Financial Services. After reading positive reviews about Avanse Financial Services, he connected with the team. He mentioned that his file was logged in the same day he contacted the team. His education loan was processed quickly, which enabled him to pay his college fees after a week. He further said that the whole education loan journey was seamless and hassle-free. Since the team is genuine and trustworthy, and services are lightning-fast, he highly recommends Avanse Financial Services to other students.

His final advice 

He suggested having connections in the host country is important as they can easily guide you based on their experience. So if you don’t have a network in the country you plan to study, it’s time to build one. This will assist you with your study abroad plans, such as accommodation plans, the visa application process, and more.  

So, this brings us to the end of Kaif Khan’s fascinating academic journey. We at Avanse Financial Services wish him all the best for his academic and professional endeavors. We hope his journey motivates you to chase your academic aspirations. If you need any assistance in your study abroad journey, remember we are just a call away. All the best!

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