In the previous episode of Students Speak, we read about Karishma Ajmera’s academic qualifications, university, course, her inspiration to pursue higher education and how she shortlisted her study abroad program. In this episode, let’s understand her interesting research mechanism, her reason for planning to study in the UK, her career plans, education consultants, and SOP. 

How did she do her research?

Before resolving to study abroad, Karishma conducted thorough desktop research by visiting sites such as YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She watched interesting interviews on YouTube of the students who are pursuing MPH currently. This helped her gain insights into their academic journey and the transition to their professional career. YouTube also provided information related to universities and study programs. Also, her friend who has completed the MPH shared her insights on prospects in India that Karishma can explore in this domain. 

YouTube channels suggested by Karishma for study abroad aspirants 

  • Student Help UK
  • Your Knowledge Buddy

Interestingly, Karishma is a part of a small group of three students who are set on the same academic journey as her. So, they exchanged their knowledge, research and information to carve out the perfect path to achieve their academic aspirations. 

Why did Karishma choose the UK as her study abroad destination?

Apart from the UK, Canada also offers the Master of Public Health course; hence, Karishma had shortlisted two countries, i.e., the UK and Canada. The course duration in the Canadian universities is usually two years, whereas the UK universities offer the same course for 1 year. Also, the UK has more number of well-ranked universities as compared to Canada. Furthermore, what attracts the study abroad students to the UK the most is that it offers a Post Study Work Visa, which allows the aspirants to stay in the UK post completion of their studies, either to work or to explore job opportunities. 

Did she consult education counsellors?

According to Karishma, students must do their homework first before connecting with the education consultants. Since you know your unique expectations from your study abroad journey, you must conduct basic research. You can definitely consult education counsellors too, as they are professionals and have updated information that can assist you in your academic quest.

So, Karishma took charge of the research related to the course, university and the country. However, for the university application process, she collaborated with the education consultant, who helped her draft an impeccable SOP and LOR. 

What study abroad students must know about SOP?

The SOP must be written in essay format. Each university will have a preset word limit for SOP that study abroad students must keep in mind. 

Here are the points that your SOP must cover:

  • Your brief introduction
  • Academic qualifications
  • If you are a topper, please mention it. It will earn you brownie points.
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • College projects 
  • Internships
  • Learnings
  • Achievements 
  • Other certification courses, if any
  • Mention your short-term and long-term goals. Ensure the goals align with the area of specialisation.
  • Why did you decide to opt for post-graduation?
  • Why did you select a particular study abroad destination?
  • Why did you choose a certain university?
  • If you are planning to apply to more than one university, ensure you draft different SOPs for every university. The idea behind writing a different SOP for each university is to customise your SOP as per the unique requirements of the university. 

So, we just learned about her interesting research mechanism, her reason for choosing to study in the UK, her career plans, education consultants, and SOP. In the next episode, we will cover, entrance exams to study in the UK, her career plans, how she found a perfect education loan provider and some invaluable advice. If you have any queries, please remember we are just a call away!

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