Do you want to witness a magnificent phenomenon – the midnight sun? Head to Norway. Here, the sun never sets between April and August. But that is not the only reason to study in Norway. We bring some more exciting reasons to study in this beautiful country of fjords. Let’s dive in!

1. Impeccable education system

The 200-year-old Norwegian education system is highly flexible which offers a plethora of courses, right from vocational study programs to post-graduation. Faculty in Norway are known to adopt the informal way of teaching, and hence you will find them to be very approachable. Therefore, you can benefit from participating in research projects often mentored by experienced faculty.

Did you know that Norway has 44 educational institutions for higher studies? Besides, the study programs are designed to encourage student interactions rather than depending on the study material, which promotes independent thinking.

Although most Norwegian universities don’t charge tuition fees for domestic and study abroad students, you have to bear in mind the other costs you will incur during your stay. Hence, opting for an overseas education loan would be one of the best options if you plan to study in Norway, which covers all the education-related costs like tuition fees, travel expenses, living expenses, accommodation, study material, equipment cost, and more.

2. Economic powerhouse

Norwegian economy flourishes due to its leading industries like oil, gas, IT, energy, telecommunications, shipping and more. Thanks to its open economy, it is home to some of the leading businesses. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that as of 2019, the unemployment rate in Norway is only 3.6 per %. So, if you plan to study in Norway, you have a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience from these industries through internships, or you can even plan to settle in Norway post completing your study program.

3. Student life

As a study abroad student, you can expect a highly active student life as you will be part of a vibrant campus & student association and actively participate in sports & social activities. Also, many Norwegian students and international students who study in Norway often work part-time to earn an extra buck and support their education loans. You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week!

4. People and Culture

Although Norwegian and Sami are two widely spoken languages in Norway, you won’t face a language barrier if you study in Norway as most Norwegians speak English. Since this is a peaceful country with a low crime rate, most study abroad students prefer studying in Norway as it is safe for students. Also, if you love spending time outdoors by engaging in fun activities like hiking, then Norway should be on your list.  Norwegians are warm and polite, so you will definitely feel welcomed in Norway.

5. Affordable healthcare

Healthcare services for international students are either available for free or are highly subsidized. Depending on the duration of the study program and your home country, the health care facilities and fees will vary.

So, these are some of the fantastic reasons why study abroad students prefer to study in Norway. If you plan to study in Norway, you can finance your education, on your own, by opting for an overseas education loan. If you want more information, you can connect with us. We will be glad to assist you. All the best!

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