In the previous part of the guide for the student visa for Australia, we learned about Subclass 50 student visa, eligibility criteria, the list of important documents, the application process and more. In this part, let’s understand the procedure to follow after completing the application process, if a family member can accompany you and some important information about the visa decision.

Next steps after application

  • If you have successfully applied for a student visa for Australia, check your ImmiAccount regularly for new information and updates.
  • You will be required to submit the biometrics data after you finish your visa application. Or you will receive a notification in your ImmiAccount to provide the biometrics. It is best to arrange for an appointment to submit your biometric data within 14 days after submitting your visa application.
  • If you missed submitting your health examination documents when you first filled out your application for a student visa for Australia, or if you were never prompted to submit them, check the ImmiAccount for further communication. Submit the documents when you receive instructions in your ImmiAccount.
  • ImmiAccount allows you to upload ~60 documents during the application process. However, if, for any reason, you could not upload the documents when you applied for a student visa for Australia, upload them as soon as possible on the ImmiAccount using your login credentials.


Can a family member come to Australia with you?

The answer is yes! However, please remember a few things if your family wishes to join you. They can join you only if you have added them to your application for a student visa for Australia. Therefore, ensure you mention all family members in your student visa application. If you fail to include them in the application and they decide to join you, you will have to start the new application afresh and justify why you did not add them in the first application.

How to rectify the application mistakes 

Although we recommend you to be super careful with the information and documents you upload when you apply for a student visa for Australia, we are all humans at the end of the day and may make mistakes. So, don’t worry if you made any blunder. There are 2 ways to rectify them. The first option is by completing the Form 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answers, which is available on the ImmiAccount. The second option is useful if you still haven’t finalized the form yet. In this scenario, all you have to do is go to your ImmiAccount, select “Update Details”, make the changes and submit.

Visa decision

It will take approximately 11 days to 6 months for the visa application for higher studies to be processed. Once your application for a student visa to Australia is approved, you will receive a visa grant number, expiry date, and other conditions. It is advised to carry a photocopy of the communication that states that you have been granted a student visa for Australia when you land in Australia. 

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