We share the fascinating academic journey planning of our study abroad students through our Students Speak series. In this episode, we are in conversation with Teja Sadineni, who will fly to the USA to pursue his MS in Computer Science from the University of Central Missouri (UCM). So, let’s learn about his academic qualifications, university, course, motivation to select his dream university, reasons to pursue higher education and his research mechanism.
His quick introduction
Teja Sadineni completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in 2021. His ambition to refine his knowledge and upskill to gain expertise in his domain directed him to opt for MS in Computer Science. Currently, he is working with a renowned Indian multinational IT services and consulting firm as an Assistant Engineer.
Insights into his course
The highlight of the course is that it is accredited by Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accrediting body. Interestingly, 95% of the students find suitable job opportunities within six months of completing the course. This course prepares students by imparting interdisciplinary knowledge related to domains such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Development, and Data Science. To ensure that students are future-ready, it offers internships, project work where industry experts mentor the students and research thesis where faculty members provide invaluable guidance.
About UCM
The history of this university dates back to 1871 when it was first formed. This university has now grown into a network of 10,000 students across 36 countries. This legendary university offers 150+ programs, has a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio and is known for its students launching their careers within six months of their graduation. It offers study programs in a plethora of streams such as Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology, Business Management Studies and more.
What encouraged him to select UCM?
Teja extensively researched to find all the necessary information about well-recognised universities that offered Computer Science and then shortlisted the institutions. When he analysed the universities in detail, he realised that a few of them did not offer his preferred subjects. UCM was one of the universities that had the perfect mix of all the subjects that he intends to learn, such as:

  • Dotnet
  • Machine Learning
  • AngularJS
  • React

Thus, he finalised UCM as his higher education institution where he will gain in-depth knowledge in his preferred domain.  
His intense research
When he first began his higher academic journey planning, he was clueless about courses, colleges and study abroad destinations. So he conducted thorough desktop research to find the universities that offered Computer Science with the subjects of his choice. After shortlisting the four universities, including UCM, he connected with his co-workers and a few friends from the US to further refine his research. They gave him some meaningful insights into the application process, how to bag admissions, how to prepare an engaging Statement of Purpose (SOP) and more. Later he connected with his faculty members and colleagues to prepare a compelling SOP, which further helped him draft the same.
Some websites that he used for his research:

  • US news
  • Gradschools

His reasons for pursuing higher education
Teja developed an elaborate plan in his third year of graduation to pursue Computer Science to build a core competency in one of the most in-demand domains. Therefore, he enrolled for GRE training in his third year. But the unprecedented health crisis led to a lockdown. This did not deter or discourage him from chasing his plans. So, he redesigned his plans and opted to gain work experience instead of just waiting for COVID to end.
During his stint with his organisation, he was fortunate enough to connect with one of the team managers who had completed a master’s degree in the USA. She shared her experience and some insights, which gave Teja new hope. Furthermore, all his near and dear ones extended full support, which kept him going. He strongly believes that a master’s degree will unlock many lucrative opportunities in this field.
So, this is all about Teja’s academic qualifications, university, course, motivation to select his dream university, reasons to pursue higher education and his research mechanism. In the next episode, we will explore other information about his study abroad journey planning, such as the university shortlisting process, application process, role of the education consultant and visa application process. Meanwhile, if you have a query regarding education loans, please connect with us. We will be glad to assist you.

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