In the previous episode of Students Speak, we covered academic intake, English proficiency exam, visa application process and some reasons to opt for an education loan. In this episode, let’s understand the job prospects, the education financing solution provider and some valuable tips.

Future prospects offered by Nikita’s study abroad program

Most students choose to work abroad post completion of their course as it offers a perfect head start and also adds value to a professional career. Nikita plans to work overseas to gain a leading edge. She will apply for placements through her university to begin her professional journey, after which she even plans to work in the UK as a permanent employee. The International Management study program will prepare you to launch a global career. You can explore domains such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems to name a few.

Her search for a perfect Education Financing Partner

Nikita shares a challenge she faced when she first applied for an education loan with one of the financial institutions. To take a secured education loan, a couple of financiers required her to transfer the name of her late father on the property documents to her mother’s name. She found out that this process was painstakingly long that would take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. Nikita, who had lost her previous two years due to the COVID-19 crisis, did not want to waste any more time. By this time, Nikita had almost given up the hope to get a student loan to finance her study abroad dream.

However, after a few futile attempts to get an education loan, she came across Gyandhan, an education loan marketplace. Gyandhan helped her connect with Avanse Financial Services, after which she never looked back. She was impressed with the doorstep service as all documents were collected in one go without ever having to step out of the comfort of her home. The team at Avanse Financial Services ensured a seamless education loan journey by assisting her during the application process, educating her about the procedure and being transparent about the parameters.

She mentioned that the only thing that kept her from achieving her study abroad dream was finance, but Avanse Financial Services ensured lightning-fast services and a hassle-free education loan journey. She appreciated team Avanse for going out of the way to give her some valuable tips about the visa application process, expenses and flight tickets too. Nikita was on cloud nine as he received her education loan within a week after she submitted her documents. She said that she will recommend Avanse Financial Services to those looking for an education loan.

Her invaluable advice to study abroad aspirants

Nikita mentioned that the importance of the documentation process could not be stressed enough. Once you decide to apply to international universities, keep all your documents ready, including SOP and LOR. Get to know the entrance exams you need to take and prepare well in advance. Nikita is all set to pursue her academic aspirations from her dream study abroad destination, In the face of challenges, she kept marching forward, and hence, she suggested that students must follow their hearts and never give up.

So, this brings us to the end of Nikita’s academic journey planning. If her journey has encouraged you to follow your study abroad dream, then this is a perfect time. You can leave your finance-related worries behind by opting for an education loan. If you have any doubts, please connect with us. We will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey. All the best!

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