Music is not just a hobby or an artistic skill. It is something even more important than that. It is something from which a career can be made and from which fame and popularity can be achieved. So if you are an aspiring singer or musician, this article is for you – it will highlight some of the best universities in the US to study music, and will attempt to explain the requirements for music school admission.

Types of music schools

Before we get into the details of the universities, it would be beneficial to give you a brief idea about the types of music schools. Conservatories are the most specialized type of music schools. Most of your time will be spent either studying or practicing music, or in performances. Conservatories also offer a degree in music – Bachelor of Music (BM).

The other type of music schools have a music program, but don’t provide any specialization in music. Here, one has subjects other than music, and will probably get a degree such as BA or BSc. Students who want a good education in music, as well as other fields, should go for these universities.


The US is home to some of the most prestigious music institutes in the world. Studying at these institutions will do wonders for your career as a musician.  Here’s a list of some of them:

• Berklee College of Music (Boston)

Is an institute that has produced maestros in the fields of pop music, jazz, and music production. It is the best option if, as a musician, you want to pursue a career in any of these fields. It also gives excellent opportunities to its students for performing in concerts.

• Juilliard School (New York)

Is not only counted as one of the top music schools in the country, but is also known for producing notable alumni. They also have some of the most brilliant faculty in the world. Their students are also known to win some top-level music competitions. However, getting into this music schools will quite difficult as the acceptance rate at Juilliard is a mere 8%.

• Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia)

Is Juilliard’s toughest competitor. Other than producing exceptional talents and hiring the finest faculty, it is almost free of charge, which gives it an edge over almost every music institute in the country. This institute has an acceptance rate of 5% only.

• Yale School of Music

Is the only music institute in the country other than Curtis that has a program that is free of charge. It also has the highest number of individuals in any musical profession in the world.

• IU Jacobs School (Bloomington)

This is a university that deals in really large numbers. It is home to 1,600 students, seven choirs, thirteen orchestras, and conducts 600 performances each year.


Requirements vary from one institute to the other, depending on the program that the student wants to pursue. Students will be asked to give an audition, which can be either live or recorded. They can be asked about their skills and talents even during the interview.

Of course, academic qualifications are also considered for admission to music schools. These can include things such as SAT scores, CAT, class ranks, etc. It is also highly preferable to have past experience in music. This applies particularly if you are trying for a practical course, such as stage performance.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope that it was helpful and provided the information that you’d need before applying to music schools in the US. Good luck with the admission process and for your career as a musician.

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