Global exposure helps you acquire an in-depth global outlook

Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada are major education hotspots that attract international students. Did you know that as per data released by the Ministry of External Affairs in July 2021, ~11,33,749 Indian students are currently studying abroad?
The globalized economy has developed a need to form a globalized outlook among the student community to help them take their career to new heights. Here are some amazing reasons to study abroad. Let’s dive in.

1. Stand out with shinning credentials

When you study abroad, the chances of your CV being shortlisted by employers are far brighter. You gain a competitive advantage over others because employers prefer candidates with expansive cultural exposure and better adaptability. International exposure will bring more experience in terms of new skills, language, cultural intelligence, exceptional learning experience, etc., which will enhance your professional portfolio.

2. The network is Net worth

International experience will introduce you to vibrant student communities around the campus. With newfound connections, you learn to be culturally inclusive, more receptive to diverse views of natives from different geographies, which will be critical if you plan to pursue an international career. Besides, when you study abroad, you build a network with international peers who are on the same journey as you, which will open a new world of opportunities that can propel your career to new heights.

3. Broaden your viewpoints, become culturally-intelligent

It is necessary to be culturally sensitive in the current setup that witnesses mass migrations. Once you know the communities, their perceptions, and culture, it enables a smooth transition in your professional career. Many brands have failed due to cultural differences. When you study abroad, you learn to respect different cultures.

4. Fosters professional development

You have a better opportunity to develop soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, decision making, and many more when you enrol in programs like international internships, volunteering initiatives, and global learning programs. When you study abroad, you get hands-on experience that makes you career-ready.

5. Personal development

Imagine that you are in a new country for the first time and overwhelmed with new rules, new culture, new people, and new challenges. But this is essential to make you super resourceful, a quality that employers often seek. When you study abroad, you learn new languages, new skills and gel with people from different countries. This would also help you find good career prospects and clear your education loan with ease.

6. Wear a cape and be your own hero, be independent

International exposure will definitely pull you out of your comfort zone, challenging you to make efforts to socialize and be independent. When you study abroad, you will initially feel uncomfortable, but it will give you a new sense of independence that will help you in your career progression. This will expose you to new rules of the new land that you will learn to abide by.

7. Confidence, maturity, and unique life skills

Travelling to a new country can be a whole new experience that will enhance your spatial awareness. Your study abroad experience will not only boost your navigational skills but also teach you negotiation skills if caught in an uncomfortable situation, which will result in higher self-confidence. It teaches you to be self-reliant and encourages you to look after your own well-being. You are responsible for your physical, financial, and emotional well-being, and this prepares you for your professional journey by teaching you unique life hacks.

8. Enhanced language skills

With an ever-increasing demand for multilingual candidates, the study abroad experience can teach you a language or two, which will earn you new brownie points. Besides, global markets and customer-centric approach places effective communication and linguistic intelligence in the spotlight.

9. Find your passion

When you study abroad, it can develop a new perspective that would trigger new passion and give you a renewed outlook towards life. Often biggest innovations and inventions begin with just an idea. Your overseas experience can inspire such deep interests that can either shape or change your career perspective. A new environment among new people and new situations can introduce some awe-inspiring ideas that you can pursue as professional passions.

10. Diverse education

If you study abroad, you can get a chance to experience a different learning process, different from the one available at your home turf. This experience teaches you to adapt to different learning environments with state-of-the-art infrastructure that will come in handy in your professional career.
So, if you want to gain a competitive edge, you can gain international exposure by choosing to study abroad. If you are planning to opt for an education loan to gain international exposure, you can reach out to team Avanse for any query or assistance. So, take a new leap to gain global exposure and stay a step ahead in this fast-paced and dynamic world. All the best!

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