When it comes to going abroad for further studies, places like Canada, USA, UK, etc. immediately come to mind as these are places that are considered as the hubs for education.


Another addition to these names is none other than the magnificent country of Singapore. This island nation is emerging as the new place to be for aspirants looking to pursue higher studies. It is an exciting prospect, especially for Indian aspirants, since it offers similar geographic and cultural traits that Indians would connect to. There are a lot of benefits that students can avail if they choose to go to Singapore to study, here are some of them:


Education is affordable –

Be it any overseas country that one travels to for education, it is always heavy on the pockets. We all know that Singapore is considered to be a very expensive place to be living in, but what most of us are unaware of, is that Singapore is a very viable option for further studies. 

A fact that hardly anyone knows, is that Singapore is a better option when it comes to the financial aspects. The tuition fees of the universities over there are actually much lesser than the fees that universities of USA, UK, and Australia charge. Isn’t that a shocker!


High standards of education – 

It is a common misconception that since the cost of the universities in Singapore are comparatively lesser than those of the others mentioned above, their quality of education would also be compromised. With the number of admissions and the jobs these graduates land, it is very obvious that this story is nothing but a myth.

Singapore offers them just that with some of the best institutes located in the Asia-Pacific region. There is a lot of scope to grow and make a great career for the students in Singapore.


Great cultural exposure – 

Students from over 30 countries come to Singapore for their education, so there is no doubt that once there, the students get to learn a lot about the different cultural ideas and values as they get first-hand exposure to the various ways of living. 

Great career opportunities –

Accredited universities from around the world are setting up their campuses in Singapore, with around 26,000 international corporations currently existing in the nation. As of today, Singapore is very active when it comes to global economic activities. Since there is so much economic activity taking place, there is no shortage of job requirements in the market. 


Strict safety rules – 

This is a major problem that no one speaks about. There are a lot of students that face ragging and all kinds of stresses, be it physical or mental, when they travel to any place abroad for studies. In this matter, Singapore is ahead of the curb as this country has incorporated a strict no-tolerance policy for ragging and harassment.

The people residing in the country are friendly, so you are definitely getting a warm welcome, and your entire experience over here is going to be pleasant.

After considering all these factors, do you really feel like going anywhere else but Singapore?


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