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July 8, 2014
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Indian students are known to excel in business when given an opportunity. One of the most defining facts that support this ideology that has set in an adage of sorts in the Indian subcontinent is the often popularized topic of something called as ‘Brain-Drain’. This topic is a theory of sorts, that supports the idea that the best minds in India gets drifted into the stream of international cesspool of talent which is often picked up by the most successful agencies around the world. And not to anyone’s surprise, many of these shining talents often find their origins rooted to the Indian lands.

Accepting the fact that there are endless career opportunities waiting just outside the crowded Indian marketplace, has been reason enough for many a family in India to send their young children abroad for higher studies and completing their college education. It is an evident fact that Indian students have really lived up to their global reputation of being a beacon of knowledge by proving to be good leaders in every professional career path they take.

Indian parents realize that their children have a better chance to get global exposure if they are enrolled in an international university that can equip them with every possible weapon that might come in handy when out in the open, trying to making it big in the global market. They see it as something that can only prove to be beneficial for their bright future. It is like, a promising study abroad plan has become the popular choice for many parents to ensure their children’s have a better future. However, study abroad decisions often face many challenges when planning for a sustainable career path. One of the worst enemies of a student packed for a study abroad education? Student loans repayment!

Taking the study abroad road has many obstacles to stop the student in his course but loan repayment can really be a bother when living and managing off a stipulated allowance in an unfamiliar place. Thought the repayment period usually starts 6 months or a year after the course duration, saving for it right from the start should be the ideal plan for students. Once this hurdle is cleared off from the main path, every other minor problem can easily sort themselves out on their own. Once the student has nothing to stop him, he can live and explore the boundless opportunities that surround him in his environment.

Some of the popular choices including the popular MBA programme from the many reputed American universities, and the undisputable choices from the UK, can give the student the coveted edge to propel their career plans a step or two ahead. Apart from the MBA programmes, a student can choose to enrol to specialize in available subjects during college like Commerce, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship among many others.

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