Germany remains one of the top choices for study abroad students. Affordable higher education and well-ranked universities are the two most significant factors attracting the attention of deserving students worldwide and encouraging them to pursue higher studies at public and private universities in Germany.

The recent trend shows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science have become the two most popular courses to pursue in Germany. Many students are interested in making a successful career in these fields and thus, enrolling for a bachelor's degree and master’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Germany.

Did you know why? The reason is many IT and other companies in the country are incorporating new technological trends like AI and Data Science in their business operations to improve their productivity and profits. This has led to an increased demand for skilled professionals in these fields. In such a scenario, pursuing a degree in these courses is a great career decision.

Some fantastic reasons to pursue courses in AI and Data Science

Some of the benefits of pursuing higher education in AI and Data Sciences from Germany are as follows:

  1. Top-quality education: Germany houses some internationally recognised universities with top rankings worldwide. Since both AI and data science are new fields, the top German universities are investing in the Information Technology and Communication (IT&C) branch. It is because the industry’s demands for AI and Data Science professionals are rising at a rapid pace.

    An education loan for Germany is available if you want to gain deep insights into Data Science and AI, but the lack of funds is creating a hindrance. So, opting for education loans for studying abroad is a prudent choice if you want to finance your education independently.
  2. Attractive job market: Due to business digitisation, many German companies follow modern Data Science and AI trends and look for professionals well-versed in these trends. The demand for freshers as well as experienced professionals is all-time high and will remain so in the future. So, there would be no dearth of job opportunities for students in the near future.

    Affordable master’s degree: Compared to other international destinations, studying master’s degree in Germany is affordable as German universities offer low tuition fees. However, you have to consider other educational expenses that you will incur, such as living costs, accommodation costs, food expenses and study material expenses.

    All the education-related expenses are covered by the educational loan. So, when you take an education loan, you can focus on your studies better. Also, please do not forget to check the eligibility criteria before applying for an education loan for Germany.
  3. Friendly nation: One of the survey reports indicates that in 2021, German universities witnessed a 10% increase in fresh enrolments. And the number of enrolments is increasing with every passing year. Thanks to fair social policies of the country supporting equal rights and freedoms for all people who reside in the country. This makes Germany a safe country to live and study for international students.

Some popular universities & courses to study Data Science and AI in Germany



IU International University of Applied Sciences, Bad Honnef, Germany

B.Sc in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Deggendorf, Germany

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Arden University, Study Center Berlin

MSc in Data Analytics and Information Systems Management

University of Mannheim

MSc in Data Science (English)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Munich

Master of Data Science

University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Master of Creative Computing

GISMA Business School

MSc Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Business

Saarland University

Master of AI and Data Science

Jacobs University Bremen

B.Sc.in Robotics and Intelligent Systems

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