Students opt for PhD courses when they seek academic excellence in their area of specialisation. If you want to gain domain knowledge, the PhD courses offered by study abroad destinations can unlock lucrative opportunities irrespective of the industry. You may have questions such as, what are the benefits of a doctoral degree, which are the popular countries to pursue PhD programs and so on. So, here’s everything you must know if you are planning to pursue PhD abroad.

Key Highlights

v  Benefits of doing PhD abroad for Indian students

·         Learning experience

·         Networking opportunities

·         Quality education

·         Global Outlook

v  Which is the best foreign university for PhD?

·         Some popular universities for PhD

v  General eligibility criteria – To earn a PhD from a foreign university

v  Frequently asked questions


Benefits of doing PhD abroad for Indian students

PhD study programs offered by the popular study abroad destinations come with multiple benefits such as:

·         Exceptional learning experience

The PhD degree requires thorough research in your chosen domain. International universities offer state-of-the-art infrastructure well-equipped with the latest technology, laboratories, libraries and research material, which is fundamental in your academic journey.

·         Networking opportunities

As a research student, you will get a chance to connect with the global student community that shares your passion. Exchanging ideas and engaging in meaningful discussions can take your international experience to the next level. Many universities connect students with industry experts through seminars which can help you delve deeper into your field.

·         Quality education

Academics will lay a strong foundation for your overall success. Hence, globally recognised and well-ranked universities will play an instrumental role in shaping your academic experience. International universities offer PhD courses in various specialisations allowing you to pick up the right coursework.

·         Global Outlook

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience as you get to know new languages and connect with people from different cultures. You are compelled to get out of your comfort zone to learn new life skills to stay and study abroad.

Which is the best foreign university for PhD?

If you want to know which university or foreign country is best for PhD, you must make the selection by first identifying the specialisation you want to study. The second step is to shortlist the universities based on the coursework and curriculum. Please keep in mind that the subjects offered, the format of the study program and the pedagogy will vary depending on the educational institute you select.

Some popular universities for PhD

·         Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA

·         Harvard University, the USA

·         University of Pennsylvania, the USA        

·         Stanford University, the USA

·         California Institute of Technology, the USA

·         McGill University, Canada

·         University of Toronto, Canada

·         University of Alberta, Canada

·         University of British Columbia, Canada

·         University of Waterloo, Canada

·         University of Oxford, the UK

·         Imperial College London, the UK

·         University of Cambridge, the UK

·         University of Edinburgh, the UK

·         Heidelberg University, Germany

·         Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

·         Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

·         University of Melbourne, Australia

·         Australian National University, Australia

·         University of Queensland, Australia

General eligibility criteria – To earn a PhD from a foreign university

·         Your previous academic background should be aligned with the PhD course you select.

·         Master’s degree from a reputed varsity

·         Academic transcripts

·         Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and English proficiency test scores

·         It will work in your favour if you have completed a dissertation or posted a research paper.

·         Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Frequently asked questions

·         What is the duration of PhD courses abroad?

Depending on the course and the university you select, the duration of the PhD programs in overseas countries would be 2 to 6 years. The duration of the course doesn’t define the quality of education. So, you should select the course that best suits you.


·         Will PhD study program from an international university be valid in India?

The courses from international varsities approved by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) will be valid in India too. So, you can check if AIU recognises your preferred university before your admission.


·         How to get admission to PhD courses easily

Good academic, entrance, and English proficiency test scores can increase the chances of securing a university seat. At the same time, your SOP and LOR will be crucial too. So, draft engaging SOP and LOR by adding all your academic details, strengths and initiatives.

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