Indian students from time immemorial always headed towards the West for higher studies, but in the recent times the numbers have accelerated to a great margin. Stringent admission process carried out by all top Indian Universities is not just the only reason for a large chunk of our students to flock out for overseas education.

Then, what is the main factor that trigger in the minds of students to pursue post-graduation overseas?

Offer a Platter of academic areas to explore!

Most of the universities of the US and UK offer a range of different courses that are not available in the Indian Universities and in addition to it the option of interlinking or combing the subjects helps one to come out with a comprehensive degree in hand. For instance, UK offers thousands of attractive courses along with traditional degrees that are both well-reputed and offer an edge in the job market. The subjects and their modules are designed in such a manner that a student pursuing studies in English literature are allowed to choose one module on science fiction, one module on children’s literature and one module on short stories. This gives the students freedom to not only stick to a particular subject area, but acquire knowledge from other field of study as well.

Students wishing to Study abroad not the traditional post-graduation degrees are offered with multiple diploma and certificate courses that are no less than acquiring a regular post-graduation degree. The subject matter included in these diploma courses are varied in nature that allow to nurture skills and study something new, to which they had studied during their under-graduation level.

A combo-pack that is less tiring and challenging!
Distance learning courses offered by most Universities of UK and US allows students to grab the opportunity of obtaining another degree sitting on campus for the main post- graduation course gaining an edge in the job market for flexibility. This practice is unlike Indian system of higher studies where only in the recent times the concept of distance learning has been introduced and is not widely accepted in job market.

Most post- graduation in the west provides industry experience side by side with the course that enables the students to gather practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. The culture of working and at the same time continuing the studies is widely practiced and is accepted by almost all institutions in the west. This builds in the feeling of self –dependency in an individual giving a spirit to conquer any situation in life.

Incurs less expenditure in recent times
Not to forget the very essential factor related to overseas education is the fact that in the recent times, most of the International institutions have lowered their course fee for international students to persuade more and more students to take admissions in their country for higher studies. Besides, a range of financial aid and scholarships are granted in a step towards backing students in terms of monetary assistance. The economic condition of the middle class has slowly increased in the recent times and this has led also led to the acceleration of more students opting for overseas education for higher studies. Where in the past, financial tensions was a great hurdle in way of overseas education , surely the decrease in course fee , hike in of economic condition of middle-class and wide range of financial tensioned have eased most of the financial worry aspects.

Well, the post-graduation courses of the west indeed offers a plethora of attractive facets which act as a magnetic effect for any students who wish to grab the’ best from the best’ without much compromise on the way.


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