Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a competitive entrance exam conducted by College Board. Did you know that College Board has recently announced some major changes to the SAT exam pattern? By 2023 the SAT will be conducted online. SAT is a widely accepted entrance exam. Most Indian varsities and international universities require you to take the SAT exam to qualify for admission. So, let’s understand some important aspects of SAT entrance exam.

Globally recognized

Whether you plan to study in India or study abroad, you will have to appear for SAT exam to complete your university admissions. As many as 4,000 international universities and 45 Indian educational institutions accept SAT exam scores. Besides, it is not limited to a single domain. The students interested in study programs such as STEM, Business Management, Arts, and more can appear for SAT. 

Here are some important highlights of SAT exam
Duration 3 hours and 45 minutes
Total Questions 154
Total Score 2400

1-   Reading comprehension

2-   Math

3-   Writing and language

Marking No negative marking
SAT exam availability 5 times a year
Exam Pattern

Reading section has 52 questions

Math section has 58 questions

Writing and Language section has 44 questions

Time allotted to each section

Reading section: 65 minutes

Math section: 80

Writing and Language section: 35

Structure of the sections:
Reading section: 

In this section of the SAT examyou will be given 5 passages related to subjects such as Economics, Chemistry, and more. You will be asked questions to evaluate your ability to interpret data, understand the passage’s tone, etc. 

Writing and Language section:

 Your language ability will be examined based on 4 passages. The passages will include charts and infographics too. The intention of this section of the SAT exam is to gauge your ability to enhance the quality of passages and identify grammatical errors. 


Many students are afraid of the math section of the SAT exam. So, let’s understand this section better. The math problem will include Algebra, Problem-solving and Data Analysis, and Advanced Mathematical problems. You can expect 19 questions related to Algebra, 17 Problem-Solving and Data Analysis questions, 16 Advanced Math problems and 6 questions related to other Arithmetic problems. 

Some useful tips to prepare for SAT exam

You can visit the official website of College Broad to practice before the actual test. This way, you will design your own strategy to complete each section within the allotted time. Also, please remember that the SAT exam will have multiple questions and no negative marking. So, if you are not sure of the answer, it is best to attempt the answer. Also, keep in mind that the Math section will be further divided into two portions, viz. Math test with calculator and Math test without a calculator. 

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