Every student is unique, and so are their academic and career aspirations. With the availability of a plethora of courses, students can access quality education in their preferred domain. New age NBFCs offer student loans for various courses and universities. Let’s get to know the types of courses for which the NBFCs offer student loans.

Study loan for abroad courses offered by NBFCs

Conventional courses

Pursuing conventional courses is a surefire way to build a promising career. The latest curriculum aims to impart the latest skills and theoretical knowledge to enhance the student experience. Whether you want to be an influential leader of tomorrow by pursuing MBA or be an investment banker, you can pursue professional courses in your preferred domain. Whether you choose to study in USA, the UK or some other study abroad destination, most NBFCs will offer an education loan for abroad purposes.

Some popular conventional courses

·         MBA

·         Accounts and Finance

·         Fashion Designing

·         Marketing

·         Hospitality

·         Journalism & Mass Communication

·         Travel and Tourism

·         Arts

Unconventional courses

Students fascinated by the offbeat courses that hold great potential to take their career to great heights can opt for some unconventional courses. Emerging job trends have encouraged international universities to formulate innovative and exciting study programs to prepare students to be future-ready. You can choose to study in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, the UK and other popular destinations.

Some popular unconventional courses

·         Game Designing

·         Oenology

·         Meteorology

·         Archaeology

·         Music Production

·         Sound Engineering

·         Forensic Science

STEM and STEAM courses

What is STEAM

              S - Science

              T - Technology

              E - Engineering

              A - Arts

              M - Math

Undoubtedly, STEM courses can truly give you a perfect headstart and accelerate your career. With a growing demand for a career in the Arts domain, it has gained prominence too. Hence, STEAM courses have become massively famous among the student fraternity. You can opt for an education loan from NBFCs to pursue your higher education in these domains.

Some popular STEAM courses

              Special Effects Artist

              Graphic Designer

              Computer Science and Information technology

              Chemical Engineering

              Civil Engineering

              Computer Engineering

              Data Scientist

              Aerospace Engineering


              Artificial Intelligence


Executive programs

Learning is a process that should never stop. Therefore, working professionals pursue executive education to climb the corporate ladder and gain a competitive edge in this dynamic business world. Whether you want to pursue an Executive MBA or post-graduate diploma, you can opt for executive education loans to achieve your academic and career goals.

Online courses

To meet the learning needs of the talented student fraternity, many international universities have designed some unique programs. We live in a well-connected global village. Education also has moved online through digital platforms, including students, educators, and parents have welcomed the move. NBFCs, too, have identified the need of the hour and have designed education loans so that students can continue their hybrid or online courses.

Vocational courses

Students who aspire to excel in a certain skill or trade pursue vocational courses too. These study programs focus on practical and technical aspects than theoretical elements. Thus, aspirants who want to be skilled professionals pursue vocational and other certification courses.

So, these are some types of courses for which NBFCs provide education loans. However, it is advised to always check with your lender if they approve your preferred study program. At Avanse Financial Services, we believe no deserving student should miss an opportunity to access quality education due to the lack of financing. Hence, we offer a study loan for abroad purposes for multiple types of courses.

Irrespective of the courses you choose, please remember we at Avanse Financial Services will always be your education financing partner. If you have any queries, please remember we are just a call away. 

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