It is a special moment when a student gets an opportunity to continue his/her further studies abroad. While they have all the reasons to celebrate their joys of getting into a university abroad, they should also be well prepared for going through the tiresome process of a visa interview. The interviewer may ask the students some tough questions and it is essential for the students to answer every one of them with confidence. Do not fret, here are some general questions that are asked, make sure to go through this list before going for the interview.

  1. What is the purpose of you going abroad?
    This is one the most basic & common questions of a visa interview. Answering this should not be much trouble for you – just tell the interviewer all the information about your study plans and the university you’ve accepted t. However, remember to keep your answers brief, straightforward and to the point – do not give out long and unnecessary information.
  2. Which school were you in and where are you working as of now?
    The questions surrounding this topic will help the interviewer in finding out more details about the student and give him a clear picture of their next plan of action. While answering this question, try and subtly highlight your academic and professional achievements till date.
  3. Why choose an abroad university instead of continuing in your hometown?
    This is a very common question asked by the interviewers. A lot of students, however, give basic answers, like the strong economy of the nation. But these are clichéd answers which can go against them, as the interviewer will then think that they are planning on staying on for a longer period and do not plan on coming back. An ideal answer would be to mention about the university that they would be going to, explain in detail about the exclusive facilities that the university provides, and speak highly of the professors teaching at that university.
  4. Have you ever been to the place before?
    If yes, then students should first state the reason for visiting and then briefly explain their experience. If you haven’t visited the destination, you should make it look like you’ve always wanted to see this country with very specific reasons. You should also make it seem like, even if your visa is rejected, you will definitely apply as a tourist just to see everything the country has to offer.
  5. Other questions interview might ask:
    These were some of the most common questions that you might face in your visa interview. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are many different questions that the interviewer might throw at you, remember to process each question and then answer carefully and clearly. While preparing for your visa interview, you should also know what to say in case you are asked the following:
    • Which other colleges did you send your application to?
    • Which were the schools you were admitted in?
    • Have you ever been rejected by any of the schools you applied at?
    • Do you know about the lecturers of the university?
    • Where exactly is your university located?

    If you have an interview for a visa application coming up, we hope this article helped you prepare your answers to the questions that you would be asked.

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