The year 2020 is not remembered too fondly, as it oversaw the novel coronavirus impact the whole world. Academic institutes were forced to put an abrupt halt to their regular schedules. Since no one knew about when they would come out of this indefinite break, academic schedules were hindered.

To cope with the current situation, educational institutes had to find innovative solutions to get started on their schedules. This is where technology brought in video conferencing tools such as Zoom which have been used for conducting online classes.

Education in 2021

In 2021, we still have not been able to resume our regular lives. While we are getting vaccinated, educational institutes are still using digital means to continue organising classes online. Of course, at the beginning of the pandemic last year, this was a challenge. Not everyone was well-equipped with operating digital tools. However, as time passed, being fluent with online communication tools has become a must-have skill for both teachers as well as students.

This complete change of scenario has been instrumental in teaching us one thing – learning can take place anywhere. Irrespective of the geographical locations, the digital means of communication have made it possible for online classes to be organised seamlessly. This has been a huge victory for the education industry, as the digital advancements of technology have helped ensure that students can academically progress even though they are unable to step out of their homes.

A shift in the curriculum

Another aspect that has been affected due to the global pandemic is the change in the job market. With COVID-19 understandably bringing an economic slowdown, working professionals had to change their outlook to improve self-development.

The previous curriculum used pre-pandemic was considered to be outdated and the need of the hour called for a complete evaluation of the existing programs. Various institutes introduced webinars and guest lectures by established professionals for students to get a first-hand experience of their field and business environment.

A huge boost to unconventional courses

With an increase in job layoffs and salary cuts, professionals realised the importance of being able to take on multiple roles. This brought in the need for new-age modules where corporate-sponsored courses were made available for employees.

This also saw a rise in unconventional courses such as data analytics, supply chain management, strategic management, and many others. Even the corporate world started noticing the importance of these jobs and introduced many such developmental programs.

This pandemic has made us realise how new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can help make e-learning much more flexible, agile, and responsive. This has resulted in education becoming much more interactive and personalized.

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