Germany is a great place for international students to pursue their careers. This is not only because of the reputed educational system of the country but also because of the great opportunities they get to work while studying.

If you are a student planning on going to Germany and wish to learn more about the rules for working students, read on:

Working hours in Germany for International students

International students (Non-EU) are permitted to work in Germany while they are studying, but they have certain time restrictions. As an international student studying in Germany, you can work for a total of 120 days in a year. If you choose to work half-days, you are allowed to work for 240 days per year. Please keep in mind that even if you have signed up for an internship which is unpaid, it would still be counted as part of your regular 120-day working hours. But if the course you are pursuing mandatorily requires the students to pursue internships, then this would not be counted in your 120-day working limit.

You do not have to pay tax if you are an international student in Germany earning an amount which is not more than €450. However, if you are working and earning an amount which is more than this, then you will be given an income tax number and will have tax deductions on your earnings. In some cases, your employer may even withhold the income tax, which you can reclaim once you submit your income tax statement.

Most common jobs for students in Germany

Academic jobs

For those looking to pursue a career in academics, a research assistant role would be very useful to improve their skills as well as get a good income to take care of their expenses.

Catering jobs

This is by far one of the most common jobs that students look out for in order to support their expenses. Catering to corporate functions, or simply working as part of the staff at any restaurant are some of the part-time jobs that students can take up along with pursuing their studies.

Retail sector

Retail companies in Germany are always on the lookout for hiring workers, and this proves to be a great option for students looking to work part-time since this job allows flexible working hours!

Is it possible to extend the working hours for students?

In some cases, it is possible for international students to get an extension when it comes to their working-hours limit. They need to send a request for an extension to the Federal Employment Agency and the Foreigners Office to get approval. However, keep in mind that this extension is only possible for those who have academic jobs.

These are the rules that any student planning on working while studying in Germany should know about. While the extra income of a part-time job would be a huge help, you would still need strong financial stability to fall back on. This is where we at Avanse can help you with an education loan plan that takes care of all your expenses, so do get in touch with us.

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