The count of students looking to go to Malaysia for their further studies is increasing each day, as universities, there have developed and offer a great education. Students have great opportunities to get in the industries of their choice once they graduate, and hence it is no wonder that Malaysia is the new place that is full of scope.

The first step to get started on this would be to get acquainted with the requirements of the universities in Malaysia. The requirement would also depend on your level of education. Let’s get started on the requirements:

Language requirements

Candidates will have to take an English language test to be eligible to get into universities in Malaysia. For international students, they need to have given internationally recognized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. For IELTS, the candidate should have a score of at least 500, while for TOEFL, it is set at 6.

Academic documents

The admission process to get into the public universities of Malaysia is pretty simple and not at all complicated. Just make sure to follow the guidelines, and you will have no problems in getting your application through. A candidate should have the following document s ready with them while applying for admission:

Identity proof
Valid Passport with all pages intact
Previous examination results and certificates
Medical health record
Letter of recommendation
Application fee (Each university will have its own rules regarding this fee)
Accommodation form (If applicable)

Apart from this, the student has to qualify for the Malaysian Certificate of Education examination, by getting a distinction in the Bahasa Malaysia paper which is conducted every year in July.

However, if the student comes from a country that is already English speaking, he/she is not required to give such tests like GRE, IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL. This again is different when it comes to each university, so make sure to check with the ones you are applying for.

Visa requirements      

The Malaysian government gives each student in Malaysia with a student pass. Usually, the university will take care of the student pass application. The student will get this pass in about 7-8 weeks after it gets processed in Malaysia. A student pass is valid for 12 months.

Application process

Now that you have all the knowledge of the requirements, here’s some information on the application process. You can send in your application to the public universities in Malaysia via their websites. If not this way, you also have the option of sending them by post.

Different sources of applying make no difference, as it takes the same amount of time for your application to get processed, which is usually about 5-6 weeks. Students will then receive acceptance letters from the universities once their applications are selected.

Lastly, please ensure you are well prepared with your accommodation details and finances well in advance to avoid unnecessary complications.

We hope this article has helped you learn about the requirements and the application process of the public universities in Malaysia, and also hope you do not face any kind of complications!

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