Know All About The LMU University In Germany

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) was founded back in 1472 and is today considered to be among the most reputed universities in Germany. It is home to around 7,000 international students that have come to Germany to pursue their further studies from 125 different countries.

If you are one of the many students looking to learn more about this prestigious university, read on:

Subjects at the university

At the LMU university, students can learn many subjects such as business and economics, Social sciences (Sociology, Geography, Politics, and so on), Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Languages, History, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, and Law. They can also study Education.

Teaching staff

LMU is known for its highly qualified teaching faculty. The university has around 700 professors and around 4000 members of its academic staff. These faculty members come from around the world and are established professionals in their respective fields. This considerable composition of teaching faculty gives rise to truly great results amongst students.


LMU Munich has one of the best library systems in the country. Students who have come to study in Germany at the LMU university are given access to the Technische Universität München Library, the Bavarian State Library, as well as other local libraries that the university has tied up with. Apart from the Main University Library, there are more than 130 decentralized universities. To keep track of the total stock, which totals a massive 6.5 million volumes, most of the holdings of the library system are stored in an online catalogue. The stocks which are not available for lending though are the old inventories which consist of over 3,000 manuscripts.

Medical Centre  

The Medical Centre of LMU Munich is very well-known as it provides treatment to about 500,00 inpatients, outpatients, as well as semi-residential patients every year. The university has over 29 specialist clinics with over 2,000 beds available. With 12 institutes, 5 departments, and 46 interdisciplinary centres, the university has a total strength of 9,500 employees, from which 3,200 work under the nursing staff and 1,700 are doctors.

International network

Did you know LMU Munich is a founding member of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Venice International University, Bavarian International Academic Centres, as well as the League of European Research Universities? LMU Munich has over 400 partner universities and regularly participates in student-exchange programs for joint degree programs. Since the university is so active in research collaborations with partner numerous institutes around the world, they have established contacts all over North America, Europe, and Asia.

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