Ireland: A powerhouse of innovations

Ireland is a hub for international companies and is known for its best education system and innovative inventions. Ireland ranks 12th in the Global Peace Index, which makes it a safe destination for international students. Interestingly, Ireland is the 16th most innovative country in the world. Let's quickly take a look at more exciting things that make Ireland a preferred study abroad destination.

Top-notch academic system

Did you know that universities in Ireland are among the top 3% of universities in the world? You can select from 5000 courses and stand a bright chance to get certification programs that are recognized internationally.

According to OECD 2019 Education Report, Irish people rank 4th in the world for attaining the highest level of education, thanks to the efficient education system of Ireland. The country facilities state-of-the-art infrastructure, up-to-date curriculum, research-oriented coursework and more to provide world-class education.

Stay back Visa

Work opportunities available in the host country play a critical role while studying abroad. Ireland is an ideal choice if you intend to work in the same country post finishing your education. After completing your study programme, you are eligible for the Third Level Graduate Scheme, also known as Stay Back Visa. This Post Study Work Permit allows you to stay for 1 to 2 years after your studies to find suitable work opportunities, depending on the course.

Critical Skill Work Permit

You can opt for a Critical Skill Work Permit after finishing your education which is issued for two years. Ireland gives you an opportunity to work in areas where the country experiences a shortage of skills. After two years, you are eligible for Stamp 4 permission, which will allow you to work and stay in Ireland once the Critical Skill Work Permit expires. This can be renewed after two years. If you continue to be a legal resident for five years, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization.

Hotspot for International Businesses

If you strongly believe that practical knowledge enhances your chances to land better work opportunities, then Ireland is the best choice. To impart practical knowledge, many universities offer internships in your chosen domain.

Ireland's strategic location has attracted many businesses since the country offers better connectivity to the European regions. Ireland is buzzing with business giants like Apple, IBM, Google, Twitter, Samsung and more. So, it holds immense potential to have a perfect head start.

Studying overseas can definitely offer a perfect start, but many students drop their plans to study abroad because of lack of funds. But taking an education loan for higher studies can set you on the right path.

Top Courses in Ireland
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business Analytics
Cloud Computing Computer Science Cyber Security
Medicine and Health Data Analytics Data Science
Software Engineering Investment Banking Aeronautics Management


Ireland is a warm and welcoming country and super friendly too. Rich Irish culture is popularly known for its closely-knit families, vibrant festivals and music. Stunning scenery, beautiful coastal regions, museums, art galleries are some of the exciting places to visit.

Interesting facts about Ireland
  • Ireland ranks 22nd on World Happiness Index
  • Dublin city is the friendliest city in Europe
  • Like India, Ireland is a young nation with a third of its population under 25 years of age

So, these are some incredible reasons to study in Ireland. Rich culture, myriad of work opportunities, world-class education system and more fascinating reasons draw international students to Ireland.

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