Global Studies degree deals with interdisciplinary study of macro-processes that influence international events. Students who aspire to analyse global issues and contribute constructively with their unparalleled knowledge usually pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in global studies. The lucrative career opportunities in corporate, government or diplomatic offices encourage them to pursue a university degree in international studies from a recognised international college or university.

Let’s take a quick look at some promising career options available for students after completing degree programs in Global Studies.

Promising careers for students with a Global Studies degree

  1. Policy Analyst: The main role of a policy analyst is to gather data from various sources and examine it, identify key strategies and trends, develop and test theories by implementing statistical tools and more. The job role revolves around forming effective foreign law and global business policies. Both multinational companies and government agencies look for policy analyst who has completed their education in the relevant field from a reputed college or university.

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  2. Economist: Grab a high-end job as an economist in sectors like education and healthcare. This is one in-demand job in international countries which is expected to increase by 13% by 2030. The role of economists is to represent their findings in the form of charts and tables, design policies, offer solutions related to global problems and analyse international customers’ demands for increasing the company’s profit.
  3. Diplomat: A foreign service officer or diplomat ensures peace promotion whilst representing the best interest of the nation. Around the globe, over 270 embassies are present with a political orientation. After completing their studies and training, the individuals are deployed overseas as foreign service officers. Management officers, public diplomacy officers and political officers are some of the best employment options available for students who aspire to pursue Global Studies. If you intend to be an influential Diplomat of tomorrow, but the financial worries trouble you, then you can opt for an education loan for abroad study and for courses available in your home country.
  4. International Marketing Manager: You will not regret your decision to pursue global studies from a reputed university. The reason is you can build a successful career as an international marketing manager as the demand for this job will likely increase by 10% between 2020-2030. The key responsibilities of an international marketing manager are to develop products to meet the global demands by determining customers’ tastes and preferences, developing pricing strategies and overseeing budgets, to list a few. It is one of the most prestigious jobs that will fetch fat pay-checks.
  5. Financial Analyst: Many students obtain a degree in global studies with a clear vision to build a successful career as a financial analyst. The report says that there will be a 6% increase in financial analysts’ jobs in the coming 9 years. It is a financial analyst’s job to study different policies and political trends and develop a strategy for supporting the long-term financial goals of a company. Many students who want to independently finance their education opt for an education loan for abroad studies and to study in India.

Must-have qualities to pursue Global Studies degree

  • Analytical thinking: Global Studies experts must be able to envision and understand the broader context of any issue and its implications on countries and communities. And it is possible only when they think rationally.
  • Problem-solving: Global issues are complicated, and it is imperative to resolve them to leave a positive impact on people and countries. A Global Studies course will hone your problem-solving abilities and teach you how to react and respond to solving global issues.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills: Building a successful career in any field after securing a Global Studies degree will be easier if the professionals learn to express their thoughts in groups.
  • High tolerance power: Professionals need to work under high-pressure conditions, where an element of uncertainty always exists. Thus, they need to be resilient.

Global Studies is a vast field that offers a plethora of job opportunities to students. One can work in a government organisation or a multinational company after completing their master’s or bachelor’s degree in global studies successfully. If you are interested in pursuing a study program in Global Studies and want to know more about an education loan for abroad studies and study in India, please feel free to connect with us.

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