Education is a fundamental way to achieve development and growth. We are all aware of this fact which makes education an integral part of the Indian culture. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to design educational infrastructure in such a way so that it maximizes the accessibility and effectiveness of education being delivered. Now, one can argue saying that any place can be good if you are interested to read and learn. But the fact is, when your environment is good, you get the energy and interest which ultimately helps you learn and perform better.

It is the responsibility of schools to create an environment that not only assures learning, but also pays special attention to the mental and physical well-being of the students. They should provide a learning atmosphere to every student where they acquire knowledge and skills to grow as a responsible individual. Hence, parents are always inclined to send their children to the best school.

To be the choice of parents, schools need to provide quality education along with proper facilities where students can experience a holistic academic development along with extra-curricular activities. Schools often need to invest to provide essential amenities. Financial support in the form of education infrastructure loan can help schools establish a robust atmosphere for a student’s overall progress in life.

Let’s take a look at how proper education infrastructure can support better learning.

Positively impacts attendance and performance:
Studies and research reports highlight the fact that if schools provide better facilities to students, the drop-out rates are much lower. In many countries, the rural infrastructure of schools is not up to the mark which ultimately impacts the desire of the students to go to school and continue with their education. It is the responsibility of the institution to motivate students and teachers to be a part of the education ecosystem and successfully gain and impart knowledge respectively.

Second home for students:
School is considered to be the second home for students. They spend a lot of their time daily in school. Hence, it is imperative that they should be able to experience a comfortable and positive environment at all times. Parents will never send their children to a school where the building looks rundown or where there is no proper infrastructure to support their growth, especially when they have taken an education loan to pay for the academic expenses. Hence, creating a motivating and comfortable atmosphere will strengthen the students’ desire to attend school every day and thus, complete their academic cycle better.

Digital infrastructure has become a must:
Before the outbreak of the pandemic, digital learning was an option. Many schools realized its importance and incorporated technology as a part of their ecosystem via smart classrooms and other IT infrastructural developments. But for a world that has been witnessing the impact of COVID-19, digital learning is the new normal and the only way to continue imparting knowledge to millions of educational aspirants. Schools and colleges which had to shut campuses to curtail the spread of the virus have quickly adopted the digital medium of instruction delivery module. Hence, educational institutions have to invest in building the digital infrastructure to make education accessible for all the students.

New normal school environment post reopening:
Post schools reopen after the health concerns of the pandemic are brought under control, schools need to implement safety measures to create a safe and sound environment for students. For instance, classes have to be bigger to maintain social distancing norms, canteen space should be able to accommodate students in a systematic manner, rest rooms have to be modified to incorporate proper safety and necessary hygiene measures and many more. Schools need to implement all precautionary measures prior to reopening post pandemic.

Proper infrastructure also motivates teachers:
Apart from creating the right environment for students, teachers too need a motivating atmosphere to impart knowledge to the students. A strong teacher-student ratio in school, helps teachers concentrate on each kid better and at the same time, a student can also learn better. Smaller class size, creative classrooms, interactive toys, availability of natural lighting and proper ventilation ensure good comfort for teachers to impart knowledge and assess each student separately. One of the main challenges that a school owner might face to incorporate all the necessary facilities is financial constraints. Proper infrastructure development can be fairly expensive and the school owner might not have sufficient budget for the same. We have some good news for you. Avanse Financial Services provides customized education institution loans as we are focused to build quality education infrastructure in India. Please reach out to us for any query or assistance.

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