Did you know that ~6,00,000 international students were studying in the UK in 2020-21? This number continues to increase. The UK is a popular study abroad destination because it is home to some of the notable universities of the world that offer internationally recognised degrees and has a plethora of work opportunities. And with the introduction of the High Potential Individual (HPI) visa category, the UK has opened another door for meritorious students to come and study in the UK without a prior job offer.

Key Highlights

·         What is a High Potential Individual visa scheme?

·         Eligibility Criteria of HPI visa scheme

·         Do’s and Don’ts under HPI visa

·         Documents required for HPI visa

·         Cost of HPI visa

  • How to apply?
  • How long does it take?


What is a High Potential Individual visa scheme?

The HPI visa will allow graduates from the top 50 non-UK universities to stay in the country for a minimum of 2 years. This visa will allow you to work or explore job opportunities. It will be valid for a minimum of 3 years for a PhD or doctoral course. With this scheme, the UK strives to attract the brightest talent across the globe, regardless of nationality. You can apply for this visa from the UK or your home country. 

Eligibility Criteria of HPI visa scheme

To be eligible under the HPI visa scheme, you need to meet certain requirements, which are as follows:

  • Must have a graduate degree from the top 50 non-UK universities identified by the ranking websites such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings or the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
  • Must have completed your qualification in the last 5 years.
  • Should clear the English language proficiency test.
  • Must have sufficient funds to support your stay.

You are not eligible to apply for the HPI visa if:

  • If you have already received a Graduate visa.
  • You are already in the UK as a Doctorate Extension Scheme student.

Important Notes: You can apply for a High Potential Individual visa only once and study in the UK with an HPI visa if your preferred course is not eligible under a Student visa.

Dos and Don’ts under HPI visa

With an HPI visa, you are eligible to do the following things:

  • Work in most jobs
  • Be self-employed
  • Search for work
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK
  • Live in the UK with your children and partner, if they are eligible

You cannot:

  • Extend this visa
  • Work as a professional sportsperson
  • Apply for most benefits like public funds or the State Pension
  • Apply to settle in the UK permanently

Please note: Once your HPI visa application is successful, you will get a complete list of dos and don’ts as per HPI visa policies.

Documents required for HPI visa

While applying for an HPI visa scheme, you need to produce the following documents:

  • A valid passport as your identity and nationality proof
  • English proficiency test scores

Depending upon the situation, you might need to show other documents also. These additional sets of documents are:

  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or online proof of your immigration status, in case you are switching from another visa to this visa category.
  • You can bring your close family or dependents through an HPI visa by producing your relationship proof. 

Cost of HPI visa

When you apply for the HPI visa, you need to pay

  • £715 as an application fee
  • £624 (approximately) as a healthcare surcharge every year until you are in the UK
  • £210 for Ecctis to validate your qualification (pay £252 if you are applying from the UK).
  • You need at least £1,270 to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself in the UK.
  • in the UK.

How to apply?

You need to apply online whether you are outside the UK or switching from a different visa category within the UK. Your children and partner need to fill out separate applications for applying under the HPI visa along with you.

How long does it take?

Once you have applied online and submitted your identity and other documents, you will get a decision on your visa within:

  • Eight weeks, if you are applying from the UK

A Pro-Tip: The decision waiting time is longer when you apply for an HPI visa from outside the UK.

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