Thousands of students appear for competitive exams to get into well-ranked universities every year. The most common exams are TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and IELTS. GRE is one of the entrance exams widely accepted by universities in the USA and other English-speaking countries.
The purpose of the GRE is to evaluate students’ readiness to pursue higher education. It is common for both master’s programs and PhD programs as well. Thousands of master’s and doctoral programs accept the GRE score. The exam contains three sections:
• Verbal reasoning – You can expect questions that test reading comprehension, text completion skills, etc.
• Quantitative reasoning – It will examine your problem-solving ability and basic math skills.
• Analytical writing – It comprises of 2 analytical writing tasks. The aim is to evaluate your critical thinking skills and writing ability.
Many students are alarmed by the GRE. Yes, it can be nerve-racking, but you don’t need to worry anymore! Here are 5 tips to ensure you ace your GRE and and get into your dream university!
Best way to study for GRE – GRE tips and tricks
Start your preparation at least 6 months before you appear for GRE.
If your university requires the GRE, but you have not studied mathematics in years, studying last minute would be a terrible idea. Start studying at least 6 months in advance to ensure an excellent score. Source the right course material, identify weaknesses and work on them. You can read a lot of books to sharpen your English speaking skills. If mathematics is your greatest challenge, solve at least 10 problems a day to master it. Try not to lag behind or procrastinate.
Keep your spirits high!
The GRE course material is vast. Hence, students become overwhelmed and tend to worry too much about it. Do not let the syllabus scare you. Sit down, and make a detailed roadmap with tasks and timelines. Commit yourself to achieve the set deadlines!
Decide a specific test date and keep moving forward!
Before you start preparing, decide a date to appear for the GRE. Once you have a clear date in mind, the wheels in your mind will automatically start grinding. A clear date gives you a source of direction, and you won’t be tempted to slack off if you know that the date is coming closer.
Prepare thoroughly for verbal reasoning.
The GRE verbal reasoning section will contain 3 types of questions:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence equivalence
  • Text completion

The tasks in this section can be challenging if you are not well-prepared. It is advisable to learn new words and start using them in your day-to-day conversations. The verbal reasoning section is difficult to crack without thorough practice. The section is time-consuming and tedious, so make sure you don’t underestimate it.
Design a smart strategy
Time management is the most crucial resource that you must consider to build an effective strategy.
Refer to this table to allocate time for each question/section:

Sr. No.



Allotted time


Quantitative Reasoning

2 (20 questions per task)

35 minutes per task


Verbal Reasoning

2 (20 questions per task)

30 minutes per task


Analytical Writing


30 minutes per task

Mock tests will help you identify the section you find challenging and time-consuming. Based on this, allot time to complete each section. Please remember that copying your friend’s strategy might not work for you simply because your strengths and weaknesses may differ.
Refer to the official guide
Plenty of study material is available for you to prepare for GRE. However, it is best to refer to the official guide available on Educational Testing Service (ETS) website. This guide includes authentic GRE test questions, solutions and answers to those questions, some interesting strategies, etc.
Also, remember to aim higher than 320 when you practice and take mock tests. Use these GRE tips and tricks to ace your exams. If you are wondering if a loan for education will help you in your study abroad journey. Let us inform you that a study loan for abroad students includes multiple benefits. In fact, at Avanse Financial Services, we offer the fastest sanctions, 100% finance, and more interesting benefits. To know more about student loans, please connect with us. We wish you all the best for the GRE exam!

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