Do you often wonder how you can get admission in your dream university? Sure, academic scores play a big part, but that is certainly not all. If you really want to create a strong impression in front of a university’s evaluators, you really need to be impressive on all fronts.

This starts right from your application profile, based on which the university will accept you for admission. Now there are many students who apply for an educational loan for abroad studies and have a great academic record but still do not get through to the foreign universities that they are aiming for. This is simply because of the fact that they have not worked on creating a strong profile.

Now that you know the importance of your application profile, how do you create one that stands out? We have compiled some points that will help you do just that, take a look:

Write an engaging statement of purpose

A Statement of Purpose is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about your skills, interests, attributes, and passion for the specialization that you have chosen. Write a crisp SOP that introduces yourself, describes your career goals, academic accomplishments, and the things that drive you to pursue the course you are after. A strong SOP will definitely help you get good universities once you apply for an educational loan for abroad studies.

Include work experience in your particular field

Having hands-on experience in the field you are pursuing is always a plus point. Your application would get a considerable boost if you have worked with a well-known organization.

Have a good letter of recommendation

Make sure to take a letter of recommendation from a professor who will be able to vouch for your academic performance. This letter should complement your communication skills, academic record, integrity, and other such capabilities.

Create a strong resume

Any university goes through thousands of applications. In order to make yours stand out, you need to have a strong resume that is apt and to-the-point. Leave out all the jazz, but make sure to effectively include all your strengths. Also cover the extra-curricular activities and/or community services that you have taken part in.

Focus on your unique selling point

There are many students who, just like you, have applied for an education loan to pursue their further studies. There might be many applications that have a better academic record than yours. In order to compete with such applications, make sure you mention instances where your strengths and skills have been applied with success. Including examples of how you have excelled in an academic and professional setting is much more effective than simply listing out skills.

Now that you have all the points to make a great profile, you are sure to get accepted into many universities. We at Avanse have also got you covered for the next step, which is handling the finances to pursue an education from a reputed university. We provide numerous lucrative education loan plans which could work out really well in your favour, so do give us a call.

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