Recently, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), also known as the German Academic Exchange Service, released a report on international students. According to the report, ~3,50,000 study abroad students enrolled in German universities between 2021-22. Indian students are the second largest population after China studying in Germany. If you are planning to study and work in Germany, here’s what you must know.

Key Highlights

·         Why do students look for jobs in Germany?

o    Some interesting facts

·         Jobs in Germany for Indian freshers

o    Aviation

o    Engineering

o    Finance

o    Retail

·         How to find a suitable job in Germany

o    Job portals

o    Direct appointments

o    Federal Employment Agency (FEA)

o    Newspaper

o    Networking

·         What is EU Blue Card?

Why do students look for jobs in Germany?

The post-study visa attracts international students to study and work in Germany. Soon after completion of your studies, you are allowed to stay for up to 18 months to explore work opportunities.

Some interesting facts:

·         Although Germany has low unemployment rates, it is currently experiencing a skilled labour shortage.

·         Mechanical Engineering jobs in Germany are highly in-demand in Germany.

·         Some of the fields that experience job shortages are IT, Manufacturing and Hospitality.

·         Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Germany offer an extensive range of work opportunities.


Jobs in Germany for Indian freshers


Here are some of the job opportunities in Germany for Indian students that are trending and in demand in Germany.


·         Aviation

There is a huge demand for job roles such as commercial pilots. You should be ready for long hours of training sessions to build a successful career in this field. Due to increasing passenger traffic, the work opportunities in this industry are flourishing.


·         Engineering

Engineering is a booming industry in Germany. So, if you are a STEM student looking forward to building a lucrative career in engineering, you can advance your career path in Germany.


Some popular Engineering domains to explore in Germany

Ø  Mechanical Engineering

Ø  Automotive Engineering

Ø  Electrical Engineering

Ø  Civil Engineering

Ø  Telecommunications Engineering 

·         Finance

Accounting and Finance jobs are trending in Germany. The exciting job role involves designing and managing corporate budgets, developing strategies and making crucial finance-related decisions. The employment opportunities in this domain offer lucrative packages too. 

·         Retail

Revenue generation is the primary goal in the Sales and Retail space. Managing merchandise, customer service, and promoting brands and products are some of the tasks involved in retail. Depending on the organisation, employees can also double their earning potential with incentives.

How to find a suitable job in Germany


Job portals

There are several German recruitment sites where vacancies are listed. Register with these sites to unlock the work opportunities available in Germany while you are on your home turf. If you don’t speak German or are not fluent in your native language, opt for jobs requiring English-speaking candidates.

·        Direct appointments

 Some German universities offer co-op programs and internships and have direct tie-up businesses. So, check if your universities can help you grab direct appointments with reputed organisations.


·         Federal Employment Agency (FEA)

You can register with Federal Employment Agency, the official body responsible for managing the labour market in Germany. This will help you connect with more than 700+ employment agencies associated with FEA.


·         Newspaper

Popular print media will cover the vacancies for highly skilled careers. So, you can keep track of these job opportunities through traditional print newspapers and digital news media.

·         Networking

     During your student life in Germany, connect with your peers and faculty members so that you can tap into the rich reservoir of resources. Other students are on the same journey as you; hence, they can introduce you to some of the best opportunities.

What is EU Blue Card?

EU Blue card is a permit issued to deserving university graduates to stay in Germany for employment. After completing your higher education at a reputed university and acquiring an employment agreement, you will be eligible for this permit.

So, this is what you must know about jobs in Germany to build a promising career if you are planning to study and work post-completion of your education. If you want to begin your academic journey in Germany before exploring work opportunities, you must arrange the finances. Most students opt for an educational loan to study abroad to fund their education independently. Although Germany is popular for low to no tuition fees, there are several other costs to consider.

At Avanse Financial Services, we offer loans for studying abroad that cover the holistic cost of education, including tuition fees, travelling expenses, living costs, study material expenses, accommodation costs and other education-related expenses. If you have any doubts, please connect with us, and we will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey. 

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