A chance to meet a vibrant student community, travel to the perfect study abroad destination, and the opportunity to go to a dream university, everything is exciting for an international student. We understand your excitement as you plan to go overseas for your higher studies. Amid all the enthusiasm, it is natural to forget a few things. However, there is a list of tasks you must never forget if you are planning to study abroad to have an incredible campus life.

Here are some important tips for you to have a fantastic campus experience:
1. Arrange your accommodation in advance

As an international student, you can have a plethora of accommodation options to choose from, such as apartments, homestay with a host family, dormitory, hostels and student rental halls. When you study abroad, you can even choose to share it with your peers. However, it is best to plan it before landing in your host country. Otherwise, you will have to simply settle with whatever is offered to you once you fly to your study abroad destination. So, conduct thorough research beforehand, find out as many options as possible and talk to your peers before finalising your accommodation arrangements.

Accommodation expenses add to the overall cost of education. However, a study abroad loan covers accommodation costs too. At Avanse Financial Services, we cover the holistic cost of education, including accommodation costs, airfare, library fees, equipment cost, study material expenses and other education-related expenses.

2. Arrange a forex card while you are in your home country

It is wise to keep some cash ready to meet your day-to-day miscellaneous expenses when you study abroad. However, the majority of your finances should be loaded on a forex card. Find out the charges related to the card and buy the currency while you are still in your home country. The conversion rates at airports are pretty high. Start researching the reputed bodies who offer forex cards to have a stress-free campus experience.

3. What is the first thing to do once you reach your dream destination?

Get registered! Every study abroad destination has its rules and regulations that you must follow. It is advised to connect with the respective authority or ministry of internal affairs to follow the prescribed registration procedure. Secondly, contact the Indian embassy and complete the registration process. If you are formally registered, your contact details are with the respective authorities, which ensures your safety in case of emergencies.

4. Student bank account

This is essential in order to manage your finances effectively when youstudy abroad. If you are planning to work while studying abroad, it is imperative to have a student bank account. Also, find out the ease of transactions, the distance between the bank and your accommodation, ATMs available in your vicinity and other important information before finalising a provider.

5. Know the law of the land

Every nation will have laws and regulations that you must know before flying to your dream study abroad destination. It could be as simple as traffic rules or even laws you need to abide by while working abroad as a student. You can research online, talk to consultants, or even discuss the rules and regulations with your peers if you are planning to study abroad. This will ensure an amazing campus experience.

6. Opt for student insurance

Several universities have made student insurance mandatory for study abroad students. Whether it is mandatory or not, student insurance is a prudent choice. It is advised to apply for student insurance from your home country because international universities’ student insurance can be super expensive. We at Avanse Financial Services understand the importance of student insurance plans, and hence, our education loans include student insurance.

We hope that these tips help you have a fantastic campus experience. It is true that studying abroad is an expensive affair. However, this is your chance to make your dreams come true and hence, an education loan for abroad studies is the best choice. At Avanse Financial Services, we offer hyper-personalised education loans to meet all your education-related financial needs. You can connect with us and leave your finance-related worries to us. All the best!

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