The countries that are most likely to come up when we speak of pursuing an education abroad are the United Kingdom or the United States of America. But one country that has become a favorite study destination for students in Germany. There are about 150 German universities that offer several courses completely in English, opening numerous opportunities for international students.

If you are intrigued but confused about which course to pursue, here are some of the best-paying academic degrees in Germany:


If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, then studying in Germany would be ideal. Law is one of the toughest degrees to pursue, but definitely worth it as the average annual package of a lawyer in Germany is around 74,000 euros. If you have the grit and determination, you can have a great career here and even surpass this package.


Everyone knows how well the manufacturing industry performs in Germany. Did you know that it has the second-largest engineering employees in all of Europe? This spells great news for those pursuing engineering degrees as their field is a blooming one! The average annual package that an engineer gets is 69,000 Euros.


The entire world needs medical professionals as their field is crucial for the survival of mankind. This is why the medical profession is one of the highest-paid fields in Germany, with the average package of a doctor being 79,000 Euros per year.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineers are tasked with testing, developing, designing, and checking the integrated systems for industrial production processes. This involves quality checks, cost analysis, inventory control, etc. Industrial engineering focuses on improving company efficiency. Studying in Germany could be handsomely rewarding, as the average package of a professional working in this field is close to 70,000 Euros every year.


Business is all about managing a company and preparing strategies for the best ways to grow. A business professional is required to know the basics of business and economics. Seeing that an in-depth knowledge of the economy and the industry is so vital for a professional working in the field, a graduate with a business degree is paid around 65,000 Euros per year on average.


People have started giving importance to their mental health. They have started to realize that psychologists are as important as doctors are, as they help treat people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. Psychologists interact with their patients by holding sessions which obviously are quite challenging, as they have to be sensitive towards each case. This means that they get compensated well too, with the average annual package of a psychologist being 55,000 Euros on average.

So, these are some of the best paying academic degrees in Germany. If you are thinking of arranging the funds for pursuing one of these degrees, we can help you with that! Get in touch with us at Avanse as we can provide suitable education loans that will take care of all your expenses.

We hope this article has been useful to you, all the best!

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