Ireland is the destination of choice for international students as it is an education and financial hub and offers a plethora of work opportunities. In the first part of the Irish student visa series, we covered visa categories, a list of documents, the application process and more. In this part, let’s discover some more important things about the student visa for Ireland.

What if your documents are missing?

If important documents such as proof of funds are missing, your visa application centre (VAC) will communicate the same to you. You can furnish the documents the same day or reschedule the appointment for a later date. If supporting documents such as a birth certificate or ID proof are missing when applying for a student visa for Ireland, you can provide the documents the same day or reschedule the appointment. Or you can continue with the appointment by signing a document that states that the missing documents were brought to your notice by the respective VAC. 

Things to know about proof of funds and evidence of fee payment 

Proof of funds is an important document you need to provide when you apply for a student visa for Ireland. You can furnish a bank statement that proves you have enough funds to live and study in Ireland. These funds have to cover your living expenses, accommodation cost and other expenses that you may incur while studying in Ireland. If you take an education loan, your student loan financier will provide you with proof of funds. This document is necessary to prove that you are fully capable of financing your stay without depending on public funds.  

Secondly, you have to provide a copy of the payment or copy of the Electronic Transfer of Funds to prove that you have paid your university fees. It should have all the necessary details, including the university’s name, address, bank details, etc.

Important things to remember:
  • If your visa was rejected earlier, please inform your VAC about the same.
  • Ensure you have your English proficiency test results before you apply for a student visa for Ireland.
  • If you are below 18, you need to provide additional documents such as a birth certificate and consent letter signed by your parent or legal guardian. 
  • It is best to save all the important and supporting documents on your mobile as a backup. 
  • The visa interview is not mandatory for a student visa. However, you may be called for an interview only if the visa officers need any clarification.
Processing time 

The applications for student visas for Ireland are processed date wise. It is best to avoid making the travel plan and paying your airfare until you receive your visa. Also, note that although you can expect a decision within 8 days, the duration will also depend on the visa office, embassy or consulate. To know if your visa is approved, you can visit the official website of the VAC, consulate or embassy where you applied for the visa.

How to collect the documents

You can collect the documents by visiting your VAC, or you can choose to receive the documents via post. 

So, this is how you can apply for a student visa for Ireland. To read about the previous part of this series. If you are all geared up to study in Ireland, but the lack of funds is holding you back, then a study abroad loan is the best option. If you have more queries, please connect with us. We will be glad to assist you on your academic journey. All the best!

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