The next GRE and GATE exams are just around the corner. If you are in two minds as to which exam to go ahead with, the following article will provide you with a detailed explanation of both the exams. Hopefully, it will give you a clearer picture of the two entrance tests and help you decide which one is the right one for you.

GRE is an examination for getting admission to universities in India, while GATE is an examination that helps students at getting admission in universities that are located abroad, mainly in the United States.

Then again, the choice of which examination to give also depends on individual choice, whether the student chooses to continue his/her education in India, or looks to pursue further studies abroad.

GATE is more competitive  

GATE is more competitive in India. There are thousands of students who appear for this exam and hence it is very tough to stand out and make an impact. The standard math score that is considered to be adequate for most of the engineering students is above 160, which is quite difficult to achieve, to say the least. Moreover, the rate of qualification is usually around a scant 15.05%.

GRE has a better global reach 

Apart from a few German technical colleges and the odd university in Singapore, the results of GATE examinations are only counted at universities like IIS and IIT in India. GRE, however, has a much better global reach as it is accepted in global universities. Even in India, there are more than 10 universities that accept  GRE scores.

GATE helps you kick start a bright future in India

GATE qualifies the students to get admissions in Indian universities that provide nationalized degrees. These degrees give students a huge boost and help them to get jobs in multinational companies in India. These companies are usually the biggest and most well-known firms in the country. Securing a job at any one of these companies is an achievement and helps you start an amazing career in India.

Advanced equipment and facilities abroad

For students pursuing a Ph.D. who are looking to research in any field, they would want the best of facilities provided to them so that they can get the best of results with more efficiency and accuracy. The kind of equipment that is available to the students at universities that are abroad is usually superior to the ones that are available at the institutions in India. Therefore, for such students, GRE is a better option.

Students have to make the final call as to whether they would be continuing in India or moving abroad. If the student is thinking of continuing his/her education in India itself, he/she should go for a good IIT institute and GATE is perfect for this. However, for students aiming to go abroad, GRE is an ideal option for them as the results of this exam are accepted at foreign universities. We hope this article has been helpful, good luck and all the best with your further education!

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