Germany: The ideal choice for Indians in Science and Technology?

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September 2, 2015
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August 28, 2014
Why Germany has become the most popular location for Indian Students

Germany has showcased itself as a phenomenal economic and cultural powerhouse and it has been able to storm the recent economic upheaval quite easily. Additionally, its student friendly policies have ensured that Germany witnesses a steady inflow of students from across the globe and it has edged past other study locations including France and Australia to become one of the top three destinations globally. Almost all universities in Germany are state-owned and regulated to ensure minimum of tuition fees thus offering a major differentiating factor to pupils who wish to complete their studies at an international destination.

According to a research by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD – the German Academic Exchange Service), engineering comprises the most popular course preferred by Indian students followed by Mathematics and Natural sciences. Perhaps the biggest attraction for Indian students choosing German universities over the US and UK counterparts is the offer of new unlimited work and residence permit for foreign students, allowing them to look for suitable work for almost 18 months post completion of studies. Most Indian students typically prefer to complete their higher education in countries which offer strong engineering/ math focused curriculum and their preference is for degrees that are recognized globally by most employers. Adoption of research oriented and student friendly policies thus makes Germany, a hot favourite amongst the top 5 countries that are favoured by Indian students for higher education.

Avanse Education has recently announced the option of offering unsecured* loans for students who wish to apply for German universities. Germany bound students who wish to complete their masters in science, mathematics, technology or engineering related fields can easily apply for unsecured loans facility with no margin money required for an amount upto Rs. 15lakhs* for the total cost of education. This loan amount helps cover expenses for tuition, fees, visa, hostel, books, insurance, meals, travel and laptop cost. Provided the students are applying to a reputed / ranked institute in Germany, they will also receive a preferential interest rate based on the future potential income post completion of their studies. Avanse also makes it easier for students in international locations by helping arrange hassle free fund transfers to the bank account prior to admission or start of the course itself. You could use some of the funds to learn German language and to get gainfully employed at German auto manufacturers or engineering companies which are counted amongst some of the most respected conglomerates in the world.

Germany is a diverse country with many facets and is surrounded by many other countries to which you can easily travel during weekends and learn about their cultures. What makes it easier to communicate in many of the European countries is that German is one of the ten most spoken languages globally. Being fluent in German makes it easier to become ingrained their culture and offers you a better chance to benefit vastly from Germany’s long and famous expertise in all things engineering and /or related to science.  Completing your studies from a German varsity gives you a unique opening to the German automobile and research oriented industries and this stint is sure to add meaningful practical experience to your understanding and resume!

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