Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. Though the outbreak of the pandemic has created a ruckus in our regular livelihoods, yet we should treat this as an opportunity to introduce positive changes in our lives. The pandemic has paved a faster way for the education ecosystem to successfully weave technology with the traditional form of education. Colleges and universities have debated for years about introducing online education but we did not see much progress on these lines. Today, educational institutions across the world have already implemented this teaching module within a very short span of time to curtail the spread of the virus. This highlights the fact that change is inevitable in life. One can either resist it or get run over by it, or one can choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it and learn how to leverage it for overall improvement.

Schools, colleges and universities across the world had to shut campuses owing to the spread and aggravation of COVID-19. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ during such difficult times is a challenging task. One way to get beyond structural impediments is everyone in an organisation to start thinking around a unified goal. During the current crisis, one such goal was to help prevent the spread of the virus while providing continuity for learning. Hence, educational institutions have shifted beyond their brick-and-mortar boundaries to continue imparting knowledge with the help of digital platforms.

Though in-person classes help you gain a different kind of experience which is not possible in case of online education, yet this module of education has certain benefits that you should know about.

Wide range of courses and programs available:

Initially a lot of institutes offered limited subjects for online education as the majority of the students preferred to attend in-person classes for pursuing their higher education. But now, when the world has witnessed this never seen before situation, every regular way of life has been moulded to maintain smooth continuity.

Educational institutions all over the world will be offering most of their programs online till the time the health concerns of this pandemic are brought under control and the travel restrictions are removed. Hence, this crisis gives you the ideal opportunity to witness the flexible benefits offered by online education, leverage this platform to the fullest so that nothing can jeopardise your academic career and then join the in-person classes as soon as this crisis eases out.

Lower cost of education:

Online education is cheaper than attending classes in an institute. The tuition fee mostly remains the same but other costs such as living expenses, food, travel costs are eliminated from the overall expenditure. You can also save a lot of time and invest it in self-developmental activities.

Study from the comfort of your home:

One of the best advantages of taking online lessons is that you can login from the comfort of your home. You can attend these classes in your most comfortable pajamas unlike the in-person classes where you have make sure that you look presentable among all other fellow-students. Also, you can choose a location from the cosiest corner of your house to take the online classes. Just make sure that you have proper internet connection, enough space to keep your equipment and study material and less distraction.

Better concentration and more opportunities for interaction:

A lot of people are of the opinion that students cannot concentrate enough during online classes. Also, they don’t get a chance to interact with other people. It’s a myth. Online classes help you focus on a lecture better. During an in-person class, you may tend to talk to your classmate which is not possible in your house. Now you may say that you have your parents and siblings in the house who might talk to you while the online class. It is always advisable to inform your family members that you are logging in for your class and would not like to be disturbed during this time.

Give them the details of the class timings, take all the things required with you prior to logging in like bottle of water, coffee flask, some snacks so that you don’t have to get up from your place while attending the lecture. You will also get enough opportunities to discuss the course material with your peers. There are participation opportunities offered by these online forums. Make sure that you share your views there. Create WhatsApp group with your fellow classmates to discuss doubts, lecture content, etc. With the help of technology, nothing can stop you from interacting with others.

Career Advancement:

Online courses give you the perfect opportunity to upgrade yourself while you are working. Up-skill and re-skill are the two buzzwords that corporates are focusing on. Employers want their people to be up-to-date with relevant information and expect them to apply such knowledge to positively impact the business performance. Completing a degree course and earning a certificate online while taking care of other responsibilities can show prospective employers your ambitiousness and the desire for continued professional development.

Use of innovative techniques in online module of teaching

Educators get a chance to think beyond their regular teaching patterns and innovate different ways of teaching during an online lecture. They can show videos and apply game-based teaching techniques to make the session interesting. This kind of teaching techniques help foster an emotional and intensive learning experience and thus, help students to retain the subject better.

At the end, we would want to say that don’t worry at all. This phase shall pass and normalcy will be restored. You will be able to enjoy your campus life once again. Till then, enjoy the new online learning module from the comfort of your home. We, at Avanse will always be available for you. You can reach out to us for any query or assistance. With us you can aspire without boundaries!


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