Ambitious students aspire to secure a spot in some of the most coveted universities to access quality education. Ivy League universities are dream varsities that offer a perfect head start in your career. However, did you know that the current acceptance rate of these universities is between 3.9% to 8.7%? So, if you are planning to apply to Ivy colleges, you need to be well-prepared. Here’s what you must know to be ready to apply to these legendary universities.

The ancient 8 of Ivy League

The 8 universities of this league are Harvard University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Brown University, Yale University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania. These are the top varsities for study programs such as Business, Computer Science, Social Science, Engineering and other interesting coursework. The alumni of Ivy colleges often become Nobel Prize winners, business leaders and influential political figures. Business tycoons such as Ratan Tata and Rahul Bajaj have completed their higher education from Ivy League varsities.

Things to keep in mind

Admission policy

The Ivy League colleges have designed a competitive admission process. These universities accept the best students, so if you aspire to secure admission, ensure you get excellent scores throughout your undergraduate, graduate and entrance exams. Also, it is imperative to write a compelling SOP and LOR to gain a leading edge. So, instead of mentioning that you want to attract a lucrative career, please explain how you want to make a difference in our world through your education. This will surely catch the examiner’s attention.

Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities will also be evaluated in addition to your academic and entrance exam scores. Listing your extracurricular activities will convince the examiner of your well-rounded personality. This is how you can earn some brownie points that will allow you to get into the Ivy League. However, please remember not to add irrelevant activities to your application. For instance, if you are a Science student, mention your contributions to research and project work in your area of interest. If you are an Arts student, mention your participation in various debates and other relevant competitions.

Tuition fee

Ivy League universities offer the highest quality of education, and students that pass out from such universities garner the highest salaries from some of the world’s best companies. Hence, the fees for such high-end services are expensive. Anyone looking to get into Ivy League schools should plan ahead of time.

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What is expected from the application?

If you think that you have to be perfect in every aspect to get into Ivy League universities, think again. Examiners shortlist the students who have made the efforts to gain deeper insights into their area of interest. For instance, if you are a computer science student who aspires to pursue a specialisation in cybersecurity, project work in this domain will give you a competitive edge. Your efforts matter!

So, this is what you must know about Ivy League universities. You can opt for an education loan to finance your higher education from your dream IVY university. If you have any doubt, please connect with usWe will be glad to partner with you on your academic journey.

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